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Martina Waldner
Martina Waldner
Senior Program Consultant & Alumni Management

martina waldnerPnh2∂kit edu

Phone: +49 (0)721 608 48075 


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Career Steps - 5 Questions to Pulijala Vaibhav Rao

Pulijala Vaibhav Rao

Can you tell us about your time at HECTOR School and your studies in Management of Product Development (MPD)?

HECTOR School provided me an opportunity to look outside the box.
The experience helped me understand creating solutions does not always mean “doing it yourself” but also a fair deal of “learning from State of the Art”.
MPD Program as such helped me immensely in my daily business and in my endeavor to combine Schaeffler culture of Product Development to Best Practices in Industry.


Which position are you currently holding at Schaeffler?

I am working as a Project Manager for Development Projects at Schaeffler.


How has your job responsibilities changed during or after the Masters?

I am now in charge of projects myself. Previously I was more involved in PM Support.


Have you already had the chance to apply the content of your Master thesis within the company?

Definitely, it helped my ability to apply advanced product development principles learned at IPEK like XiL Validation Models and powerful basic techniques like SPALTEN or design thinking. Also, the management modules like HR or Patents helped me to improve my general business knowledge by a considerable amount.


Is there something you would like to tell potential students of the HECTOR School?

In all I would like to mention that I am really happy with my investment at HECTOR School and am looking forward to coming back to the short courses in the near future.