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Martina Waldner
Martina Waldner
Senior Program Consultant & Alumni Management

martina waldnerYaj6∂kit edu

Phone: +49 (0)721 608 48075 


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Career Steps - 4 Questions to Larisa Espejo

Larisa Espejo, Service Management & Engineering, Global Business Services – Consultant Travel & Transportation Industry
Larisa Espejo

Why did you decide on an extra-occupational master's program?

• I learned about the dual system and the possibility of a master’s program at IBM through my circle of friends. It fits perfectly for me. By doing this, I am able to gain valuable work experience, take responsibility and promote my own projects in a two-year timeframe, and, at the same time, study for a master's degree from a university.

What do you like particularly well about your chosen degree program and the university?

• I very much appreciate the intensive exchange with fellow students, who come from other companies. Since the master’s degree is based on current topics and practice-oriented, and since we have many case studies as an integral part, we are offered many valuable opportunities to learn from other industries and occupational fields and to compare notes with each other.

In which area do you work at IBM and what do you enjoy the most in practice?

• After a year in Global Technology Services, I was able to expand my wealth of experience by switching to Global Business Services. I prefer to use the "hashtag" #image. For me, this motto means taking things into my own hands, convincing decision-makers of my suggestions. It means being able to implement the topics independently and in teams and to take responsibility for them.

Up until now, what has been your highlight at Master@IBM?

• My highlight is, in fact, the many opportunities that we get offered during the master’s program. You can take on responsibility very quickly and develop both professionally and personally and promote many new topics. Of course, this also means that you have to earn these opportunities yourself and that you need to work for your own development. It has paid off for me because I have received an early bid offer and have already signed my employment contract for the period following the Master@IBM program.