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March 19 - 23, 2018

Data Science@HECTOR School

Certificate Course Modern Network Infrastructures

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of and insight into modern network infrastructures, methods and approaches to design and evaluate these infrastructures.
Also an overview of techniques that are essential enablers of future Internet of Things systems, is given. The focus is on IoT-techniques that allow distributed entities to communicate and interact efficiently in both cooperative and non-cooperative environments.


Learning Targets/ Skills

The participants

  • learn about systems and technologies of modern computer networks and infrastructures

  • will get an overview of technologies in mobile communication

  • learn about methods and approaches to the design and evaluation of future Internet of Things systems in which distributed, heterogeneous and autonomous agents need to collaborate and coordinate their actions in order to achieve both individual and system-wide goals

  • are able to situation-relatedly choose, rate design and apply these methods and systems


Course Topics

  • Introduction to modern network infrastructures
  • Basics of computer networks and mobile communication networks
  • Technologies in the internet of things and complex collaborative multiagent systems


Next Course Date


For individual scheduling of this 3-day certificate course especially for your company please contact our program consultancy.