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High Quality Education: KIT Rankings

Portrait Name Function
Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner Managing Director
Tobias Kronenberg Assistant to the Managing Director

Program Consultants
Portrait Name Function
Luz Catalán de Weißinger Assistant Program Consultant (on maternity leave)
Yaxian Liu Program Consultant
Simone Ruthardt Assistant Program Consultant & Admissions Office
Maria_Sobiesiak Assistant Program Consultant & Admissions Office
Gian Pietro Solinas Program Consultant
Martina Waldner Senior Program Consultant

Portrait Name Function
Stefan Franck Manager Operations
Dr. Brigitta Kappes Head of Admissions Office
Marta Schöffler Manager Operations

Portrait Name Function
AnnaBrotzer Senior Marketing Manager
Eva Hildenbrand Head of Marketing
Maryrose Marketing Assistent

Administrative Staff
Portrait Name Function
Ulrike Adam Accounting
Hannie de Kinderen Team Assistant
Donald Esslinger Facility Manager
Thorana Grether Accreditation Officer
Angela Accommodation Office
Marliese Köhler Accounting
Mangels IT Support
Lisa Schäfer Accommodation Office
Marion Schuwart Team Assistant Service