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Anna Brotzer
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Martina Waldner
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Experiences & Career Steps of the HECTOR Alumni

The HECTOR alumni survey 2016 with a participation of 54,5% states: 95% of the participants would recommend HECTOR School to others. Read through interviews & voices on why HECTOR School is unique, and how it fostered their careers.


  Get answers in our Career Steps Interviews 


Samantha Butz

IBM (Master@IBM)

Career Steps_Britta Daffner

Britta Daffner

IBM (Master@IBM)

Larisa Espejo

IBM (Master@IBM)

Axel Kimmel

IBM (Master@IBM)

Emma Liang

COO Pagani China Group

Daniel Lupianez

Siemens AG

Stefan Oehmke


Palijala Vaibhav Rao


Career Steps Andreas ReiserAndreas Reiser

Lion Innovation GmbH

Sangram Savant

EPFL Doctoral Researcher

Philipp Schüll


Fabian Voith

IBM (Master@IBM)

Career Steps_Andreas Wachowski 

Andreas Wachowski

XING Events GmbH

Career Steps Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

MSC Mobile




What do other alumni have to say about their Master Program at HECTOR School? Find some testimonial voices here:


Testimonials on Energy Engineering and Management

"After several years working as a technical expert, I wanted to develop additional skills in order to face new opportunities in my career. The modular system of the HECTOR School gave me the possibility to study and follow parallel to that my professional goals.”

Daniel Lupianez, SIEMENS AG, HECTOR School Intake 2016


»KIT provides an intensive, exciting, and focused opportunity to improve every aspect of my business & technology skills. It was an immensely stimulating experience. Every day was intense but extremely rewarding. KIT expanded my mind. After the master program, the world became smaller and my personal and professional goals grew bigger. Networking was valuable from a professional standpoint, but it was my classmates‘ real-life experiences and diverse backgrounds that broadened my perspective. I developed solid relationships with many of my classmates. We often meet or email each other, and they are becoming something like a personal board of directors whose judgment I trust. This was an inestimable feature of the master program, and it‘s something I did not expect.«

Marcus Welz, SIEMENS AG, HECTOR School Intake 2013


"Majoring in Energy Engineering during my Bachelor studies has deepened my interests in energy-related topics. However, the level of details covered at Bachelor level only scratches the surface of the very broad energy theme. I, therefore, have decided to enrol in the EEM program. The program covers various areas of the theme, not only energy sources and supply but also the economics aspects. The interesting fact about the course is that the lecturers are from both the university and the industry. Hence, not only do I gain the theoretical background but also some insights of the real industry, which includes a couple of excursions to running power plants.

The courses offered at the HECTOR School are on a two-week module basis. Both lectures and exams take place within this period and therefore, I find the program to be quite intensive and demanding. As the programs at the HECTOR School targets young working professionals, almost all of the classmates come directly from various fields of the industry."

Siti Nurhafizah Haji Tengah/HECTOR School Intake 2011

Testimonials on Electronic Systems Engineering and Management

"For me it was the short and effective way to get relationship overview between the development areas of embedded systems and disciplines surrounding them, e.g. financial activities, methods, constraints and opportunities, Marketing regarding customer behaviour and Price-Product-Promotion-Place aspects, and Management of different resources during development. Also the view in the future activities regarding new technologies and contacts to key persons (Professors) on one of the elite Universities in Germany are the factors they will help me in the future work in my decision making process."

Armed Zenuni/HECTOR School Intake 2007
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG

"The unique HECTOR school concept with the 10 intensive modules opened for me the chance to do the executive master program combined with my current job. The perfect mixture between the management - and the technical modules guarantees the success of the program and the deep insight into these areas."

Stephan Konrad/HECTOR School Intake 2007
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG

Testimonials on Financial Engineering

"I studied Financial Engineering at HECTOR School and I chose HECTOR School because for me at that time it was the best choice – an executive program combining in-depth economical/managerial and engineering knowledge.  It also gave me efficient flexibility in my situation with family and two kids."

Emma Liang/HECTOR School Intake 2010

COO for Pagani China Group


»It is difficult to continuously keep up with the newest industry developments and integrate state-of-the-art expertise in our daily work. The Master Program in Financial Engineering at HECTOR School provided me with exactly these strategic, expert and interpersonal skills I found highly valuable when facing the enormous challenges arising out of the on-going disruption in the banking business. During the program I further built up a network of like-minded professionals from different industries with international background whose diverse views I learned to appreciate in the various case study discussions we had in class. Amongst others, these experiences successfully guided my career into the international banking business.«

Sandra Rohleder/HECTOR School Intake 2007
KfW Development Bank


"HECTOR School is the school of life. You rise coping with the challenges and each module is the next step of your progress."

Ekaterina N. Sereda/HECTOR School Intake 2007
RWE Supply & Trading


"Nowadays Banking needs knowledge on a highly sophisticated and very actual level. In my opinion the HECTOR School Master program Financial Engineering is a very recommendable way if one wants to manage present and future challenges in the overall banking sector successfully. The new and state of the art methods in risk management taught in the specific modules are a great help in my everyday practical work."

Phillip Schultheiß/HECTOR School Intake 2005
BBBank eG

"Most up-to-date knowledge is taught at the HECTOR School with very good organization and service. I recommend this program to potential candidates.... The HECTOR program favourably transfers profound management insight and state-of-art engineering skills to the field of finance - the two components of this transition are the exceptional faculty and the bright peer students from the most renowned firms."

Jiadi Shen/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Aareal Bank AG

"The Program is well-organized. I think, I really learnt a lot. I believe, the Master Program will be helpful to one's professional life. Especially Financial Engineering is a hot topic these days in China."

Chenjia Yu/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Commerzbank AG

Testimonials on Green Mobility Engineering

Studying Green Mobility Engineering at HECTOR School was the next step in a successful professional career for me. The five Engineering Modules give a deep insight into the new challenges of the automotive industry. Highly experienced lecturers show the state-of-the-art research in the topics of electro engines, batteries, but also cognitive systems or embedded systems. This broad variety of subjects combined with the five Management Modules with a lot of case studies are the perfect fundament for further personnel development. On top of that you are still able to continue your current job and to introduce the new methods to your daily business life.

Alexander Spies/HECTOR School Intake 2011
Behr GmbH & Co. KG

Testimonials on Management of Product Development

»Personally, the Hector Master Program was an excellence experience. The Management in Product Development Program provided me a comprehensive set of tools to master today’s product development challenges. In addition, the course in business accounting and management expanded my knowledge for my daily professional work as Manager. The technical course delivered state-of-the-art-knowledge in technology and methodology, ready for use. Overall the Executive Master Program was great professional development training.«

Thomas Kiefer/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Thales Group

"The HECTOR School Master Program Management of Product Development provides:

  • Excellent lectures from different faculties providing insight into new fields of research and technology
  • Opens up the mind for new aspects/technologies/perspectives
  • Provides basis to better understanding of different departments of companies
  • Provides valuable insights into management issues not addressed during first study
  • Shows up elements to be considered during product development
  • Learning from other participants: "sharing of knowledge"
  • Very much oriented to applicability in day-to-day business
  • Good mixture of theory and practical work"

Markus Gauder/HECTOR School Intake 2005

"HECTOR School offers very good Master specific modules featuring a huge contribution to everyday managerial duties. The taught methods are a great advancement in my working style. Fields of work, like Intellectual Property and Human Resources gave an interesting and needed insight into these areas."

Thorsten Möllert/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Behr GmbH & Co. KG

"A demanding and challenging program. Opens your mind and enables you for further tasks."

Alexander Müller/HECTOR School Intake 2007
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG

"This program contributed enormously to my personal and professional development. Especially, throughout the time I was concentrating on my thesis, I have gained experience in numerous practices and felt that I have developed an analytical way of solving problems. Executive Master Programs of the HECTOR School equips students with the most up to date knowledge and practices from the relevant discipline. What amazed me most was the close interaction between the professors and students as well as close interaction between HECTOR School staff and industry ... It's not exaggerated if I would describe this program as one of the milestones in my life."

Dr. Edda Özden/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

"The concept of the Hector School fits perfect for an executive master program with regard to continue working in the current job. We covered a lot of interesting and applicable topics in the 10 modules. Within the modules we were able to build a great network, although it was quite exhausting to continue the job and to study in the master program."

Ralf Pompl/HECTOR School Intake 2007
BMW Group

“Was worth to do it [...]. Overall the HECTOR School Master Program Management of Product Development delivers interesting content with valuable impulses for personal development.”

Frank Schneider/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Thales Group

"At the HECTOR School you will get the opportunity to work together both with highly motivated and business experienced students and outstanding professors and lecturers. The mixture of theory and its application in case studies and small group works is a very efficient way to boost your career."

Alexander Schwarz/HECTOR School Intake 2007
BMW Group

Testimonials on Production and Operations Management

"What I like about POM is the high practical relevance of the lectures and the balance between mathematical optimization models and their application in a logistical context. Particularly noteworthy is the high qualification of the lecturers in their fields – it is inspiring to learn from people of that caliber.”

Axel Kimmel/HECTOR School Intake 2017


“The network which I acquired at the HECTOR School supports me in all the tasks I am currently faced with. I learned a lot from others during my master’s in production & operations management.

I have also learned to think outside the box and constantly question my own ways of thinking.

It was very helpful that all my fellow students worked for successful smaller or larger companies, too.

The lectures in multi-project management as well as in production systems and principles thoroughly prepared me for my current job.”

Philipp Schüll/HECTOR School Intake 2008
Koordination Industrie 4.0 TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH + Co. KG


»I have lively memories of my application interview for the HECTOR School and the promise of Prof. Kai Furmans: „We will make you push your limits.“ An inspiring international environment, people from different industries and working fields, and the link to a state-of-the-art understanding of production and logistic systems provided me with a solid basis for the progression of my professional career. A challenging and enriching experience – promise kept!«

Stefan Oehmke/HECTOR School Intake 2008
VP Europe, Business Area Chassis Mounts, TrelleborgVibracoustic


“Now more than ever, we recognize that our economy is truly global.  The challenges before us, will not be overcome utilizing thinking of the past.  Companies which prevail in today’s business climate, will be those rich in new ways of management thinking, and ideas.HECTOR School embodies international and cultural reach – aligned to our global marketplace, as well as, combines theory with practice – resulting in a new way of management thinking, and techniques to foster excellence.HECTOR School taught me how to think differently as a manager, and provided me with tools to support current and future successes of my company.”

David J. Judge/HECTOR School Intake 2007
MAG Industrial Automation Systems


"The concept of the HECTOR School integrates business administration and engineering skills directly on a company’s major fields of demand such as logistics, finance or product development."

Sascha Berger/HECTOR School Intake 2005
ThyssenKrupp Technologies

"It is a challenging program, but you will hardly anywhere get in so close interaction with the professors as at HECTOR School."

Dr. Jochen Oelert/HECTOR School Intake 2005
ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG

"In my case, this program was part of my development career process agreed between me and my company. So, the expectations were very strongly focused on management training and deeper knowledge in logistics and production issues."

Sonja Correia Santos/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Robert Bosch GmbH

“I learned lots of new things and also it was a challenging study. I gained lots of new ways and systems that are going to help me in my job.”

Ibrahim Shawish/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Nuqul Group

Testimonials on Service Management Engineering

“It was important for me to concentrate 100% on practice and my studies. Thanks to the block phases offered by the HECTOR School, I can be fully involved in both the project and the university.”

Samantha Butz, IBM (Master@IBM), HECTOR School Intake 2018


“You can take on responsibility very quickly and develop both professionally and personally and promote many new topics. Of course, this also means that you have to earn these opportunities yourself and that you need to work for your own development. It has paid off for me because I have received an early bid offer and have already signed my employment contract for the period following the Master@IBM program.”

Larisa Espejo, IBM (Master@IBM), HECTOR School Intake 2017


“After all, my master's degree in Service Engineering and Management was a great help as I learned a lot about topics such as IT security, legal aspects of digitization, challenges in ever-increasing networking and much more. Incidentally, the support provided by IBM during the Master@IBM study was great. That's how I was made aware of the job I am currently doing, by my supervisor Boris Dieter – and it was a perfect fit. Many thanks!”

Fabian Voith, IBM (Master@IBM), HECTOR School Intake 2016


"The master program is an excellent synergy of the disciplines informatics, business administration and international law. Close collaboration with lectures and applied studies in small groups with students from several industries supported me to share knowledge and bring state of the art expertise into my business. Thanks to the well organized program and compact lecture sessions I was able to manage my studies beside my job successfully. In summary, the Master Program in Information Engineering of the Hector School was an enrichment in both, my expert knowledge and professional career."

Oliver Gündling/HECTOR School Intake 2005
Interactive Data Managed Solutions AG


"With the convergence of telecommunications and IP technology and the ever-increasing share of IT in most business activities, co-ordinating and managing the strategic dimension of it as well as the operational interface with the technical side proved to be increasingly difficult. The IE programme was exactly what I was looking for. I very much valued the Engineering modules, because they catapulted my knowledge to the forefront 'of it all' by covering a variety of relevant ICT/IT topics giving me a comprehensive overview and enough details to understand how everything works and fits together. I also found the management modules most stimulating as they provided me with a much-needed refresher and update on the latest approaches in a field that will continue to be my core strength."

Andrea Löhnert/HECTOR School Intake 2007
Telecom Namibia Ltd.


"HECTOR School offers a perfect supplement to one's professional development and very good prospects for social networking. Hector school management provides the necessary framework to appreciate this experience."

Mathias Mangold / HECTOR School Intake 2005
BASF IT Services GmbH