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Martina Waldner
Martina Waldner
Senior Program Consultant & Alumni Management

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Phone: +49 (0)721 608 48075 

Master Program FE

Further information on the master program Financial Engineering.

Career Steps - Interview with Emma Liang

Emma Liang

Tell me something about you, your working place and your main tasks.


- I am currently working as the COO for Pagani China Group and in charge of the brand operation in greater China area including mainland China, Taiwan Area and HongKong Area.


You decided for a Master Program at HECTOR School. Which Program did you choose and why HECTOR School?


- I studied Financial Engineering at HECTOR School and I chose HECTOR school because for me at that time it was the best choice – an executive program combining in-depth economical/managerial and engineering knowledge.  It also gave me efficient flexibility in my situation with family and two kids.


Did the study met your expectation? / In what way?


- I was very satisfied with the study. The courses are sufficient in terms of content and professors are one of the best in the areas. We could also meet students from totally different cultures backgrounds which made the study much more interesting. It became very important to learn how to cope with multicultural people and now I realized how helpful it was for my job now.


What is something that you have learned during your time at HECTOR School?


- I think except for the in-depth knowledge I learned in my subjects, I also got the chance to interact with the professors closely in the class given the small group. And also the multicultural backgrounds of the students there made the study very interesting and useful for career. 


How did you feel about the multicultural project and student research project? What was the content of this work/case study?


- I think it is essential to know about this nowadays given the business operations becoming more and more borderless.


What do you see as the main advantages of the Master's program?


- It gave me the opportunity to take care of my family at the same time to equip myself with a much better way to get ready for my career again. It is flexible and the chance to closely interact with the professors made it a huge plus.


Would you recommend to study at HECTOR School and why?


- Yes. As said, it is a rare program with the most in-depth engineering knowledge as well as management.


What are your future plans?


Hopefully to bring Pagani business in greater China to another level or even expand the operation to other Asian markets.