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Eric Sax interview about selfdriving cars in Friedrichshafen

Eric Sax practically rules out accidents

The original article was published in the Schäbische Friedrichshafen on 26 March 2018 here . The text was written in German. English summary is also available here:

In Friedrichshafen, a test track for autonomous vehicles of the automotive supplier ZF is to be created. Selfdriving cars are considered a technology of the future - but they also create fears.

Eric Sax from the Institute for Information Processing Technology in Karlsruhe helped to develop autonomous vehicles. He outlines the opportunities that are created - but at the same time he warns against premature euphoria and precipitancy in the developement.
An Automotive supplier provides insight into the sensor technology and data view of the autonomous vehicles, which will be tested in Friedrichshafen.

Eric Sax further elaborates, that it is extremely important that German companies also promote this technology in a practicle environment on the world market. The test track project in public transport in Friedrichshafen becomes a figurehead.