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VDI about the HECTOR School

The original article External Link was published in VDI News. The text was written in German.

Excerpt in English

Translation: Ian Lehr

"It was fun, but it was also quite challenging," says Thomas Weber. When the computer scientist completed his part-time Master of Service Management and Engineering at the Hector School, the day began at 8 a.m. during office hours and officially ended at 6 p.m. "However, we spent some nights in our working group working on our case studies until two o'clock." These practical exercises are the core of all six master programs of the Technology Business School at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

"Ideally, the participants can apply new impulses from their studies directly to the company," says Eva Hildenbrand, former Head of Marketing of HECTOR School. Blended or e-learning, on the other hand, plays virtually no role in the study. That sounds old-fashioned. "However, we have had very good experiences with this combination - the feedback from the participants and companies is positive."
Simon Bättig, a certified construction process manager from Zurich and current participant in the Energy Engineering and Management study program, confirms: "I am a fan of this traditional way of teaching. During the attendance phases a very intensive work atmosphere is created. My fellow students come from Portugal, India, Spain and Germany - there is hardly a better opportunity for international networking than personal contact. "
Thomas Weber from EY confirms: "Even today I still have regular contact with former fellow students. In part, friendships have emerged from this."