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High Quality Education: KIT Rankings

08/16: HECTOR School Alumni Survey 2016 - Glowing Review for the Business School

Graduates of the Technology Business School of the KIT gave the HECTOR School a glowing review

The return rate of the Alumni Survey 2016 beat the average score with a result of 54.5%. This can be interpreted as a clear indicator of the satisfaction of graduates with their degree. The survey further confirms the quality and sustainability of the part-time English-language master programs of the HECTOR School, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015.


The survey, which is conducted in a 5-year-cycle, is an essential part of the quality management of the Technology Business School. Graduates of the part-time Master Program are retrospectively asked about the contents, focus and benefits of their Degree, as well as other aspects of their studies. One of the others questions inquired as to why they chose to study at the HECTOR School, where 93% of students named the compatibility of work and studies as an integral factor of their decision. The modular program structure – the program is divided into 10 self-contained class modules of 2 weeks each, with time between the modules where students can apply their freshly gained knowledge directly to their job – offers optimal potential for this compatibility. Furthermore 95% of students confirmed that the combination of technology expertise and management know-how, and thus the holistic orientation of the Master’s program, was equally important. The high quality of the content taught at the HECTOR School is additionally supported by the outstanding reputation of the KIT, which was just recently once again elected in the QS World University Ranking as one of the Top 100 Universities worldwide.


The excellent content of the program was also a key component: 98% confirmed that the integration of state-of-the-art technology and management expertise in the teachings of the Master’s Program, which were taught in such a way that they are directly applicable into the daily professional life (100%). Furthermore the Alumni noted that the hard- and soft skills learned at the HECTOR School such as interdisciplinary thinking, intercultural and problem solving skills as well as knowledge of scientific methods, correspond with what is required in their professional lives. The satisfaction of the skills acquired in the Master’s Program was rated with high to very high by 91% of the respondents and confirms the detailed inspections of the survey. This is further underlined by 95% of Alumni declaring that they would recommend studying at the HECTOR School.


The positive impact of the degree is demonstrated in the career development of graduates: 2/3 of respondents stated that since their graduation their budget- and staff-responsibility have risen. 83% are very satisfied with their current position and professional development. 60% also stated that they have not switched employer since their graduation. This confirms the HECTOR School thesis that the promoting and supporting of High Potentials leads to very high satisfaction in personnel development and their profile for employers. This leads to an increase in the retaining rate of professionals and managers – the further education therefore creates added value for both sides. Additionally, employers can benefit from the latest technology and management know-how of their brightest minds. More than 80% of respondents said that their acquired knowledge is of great importance for their employer.


Besides career development the survey also reviewed networking amongst the internationally working graduates from different branches, which was rated as an important and continuing factor of the part-time course: 80% appreciate the opportunity to establish new and important professional contacts through the alumni network of the HECTOR School.


These excellent results of the alumni survey are an incentive for the HECTOR School to further expand the high quality of the Master’s program as to continue to give their graduates the best possible starting position for their individual professional development.


Source: HECTOR School of Engineering & Management/ Author: Eva Hildenbrand