Accreditation of the Master of Science Programs

The KIT is system-accredited by AAQ. All HECTOR School master programs have successfully passed the internal quality assurance system of the KIT and are thereby accredited.

AAQ SystemakkreditierungSince May 2014, the KIT is system-accredited by AAQ, the Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance. This agency is under the authority of the Swiss Accreditation Council and carries out accreditation procedures in higher education institutions in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

With the system accreditation procedure, AAQ evaluates the internal quality assurance systems of higher education institutions. As the KIT was successfully system-accredited, it is now permitted to accredit its study programs via its approved internal QAS.

The HECTOR School master programs have successfully passed this internal quality assurance procedure in February 2017 and are accredited by the KIT since then. 

Before that, the HECTOR School master programs have been accredited by ASIIN.

KIT Accreditation Document