Professionally Related Events

During the HECTOR School Master Program modules the HECTOR School arranges different kinds of social events for its participants. Some of these social events have an more professional character than plain networking. We invite speakers from industrial enterprises and research institutions to present and discuss an up-to-date topic with the participants, organize workshops or visit carefully selected companies. These events are a fantastic chance to get in contact with well-known industry representatives and high-level researchers. Here you will find a sample of the events.

Speeches on hydrogen technologies in research and industry HECTOR School, KIT
Speeches on hydrogen technologies in research and industry

Hydrogen Linear Momentum. From research to industry. June 29, 2022

We were part of the Knowledge Week Hydrogen ("Wissenswoche Wasserstoff") by KIT Center Energy and TRIANGEL Open Space. We invited to an exchange on disruptive hydrogen technologies. Prof. Olaf Jedicke, Scientific Manager of the Hydrogen Group at ITES gave an overview of the current research situation and Markus Erdmann from Designwerk presented his findings in "Technology extrapolation and total cost of ownership comparison between fuel cell and battery electric vehicles".

Speakers discussion HECTOR School, KIT
Speakers discussion

Lifelong Learning Summit: Establishing a culture of lifelong learning in the company, May 20, 2022

At the online congress "Lifelong Learning Summit" experts from industry together with university institutions presented further education projects in technological developments and their application in the industry. Interested parties thereby received inspiration and best practices of qualification programs to shape the change in renewable energies and digitalization and to ensure a sustainable knowledge addition in the company and competitive advantage in the market.

Get an insight into the topics in these two press articles: Mindset for lifelong learning (in German) and Lifelong learning empowers companies and employees.

Online Info Session Machine Learning HECTOR School, KIT
Online Info Session on "Machine Learning"

Online Info Session "Machine Learning – Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Production Systems“, April 22, 2020

Online Info Session on the challenges in continuing education, which are intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prof Dr.-Ing. Juergen Fleischer, Head of the Institute for Production Systems (wbk) at KIT, gave a keynote presentation exclusively for industry and HR experts on "Machine Learning - Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Production Systems".

Info Session Energy Lab 2.0 HECTOR School, KIT
Online Info Session "Energy Lab 2.0"

Online Info Session "The Energy Lab 2.0 at KIT" - A Platform for Research on Future Energy Grids, Energy Storage and Synthetic Fuels , November 11, 2021

The HECTOR School hosted the presentation of KIT Professor Roland Dittmeyer, Director of the Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT). Hear more about the Energy Lab 2.0 and Re-Fuels role in reaching the climate goals.

Company Visit at ABB HECTOR School, KIT
Company Visit at ABB

Company Visit at ABB, May 10, 2019

At this excursion the focus was on the ABB Ability™ Customer Experience Center where ABB actively supports its customers throughout the digital transformation, enabling them to take advantage of all the opportunities digitalization has to offer. We experienced ABB Ability™ Customer Experience Center through a guided tour, presentations and a design thinking workshop.

Executive Talk on Leadership in Transformation HECTOR School, KIT
Leadership in Transformation - MTU Aero Engines' Digitization Strategy

Executive Talk on "Leadership in Transformation - MTU Aero Engines' Digitization Strategy", November 28, 2018

MTU Aero Engines AG is the leading German engine manufacturer. The company recognized the opportunities and challenges of automation and digitization at an early stage and launched the "Digital Transformation Program". It involves five missions all under the 4.0 label: Business, Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul). The focus is on advancing digitization and the horizontal interdisciplinary networking in all departments.
At the Executive Talk Chief Operating Officer Lars Wagner, gave an exclusive insight into the transformation of the MTU group and his personal role in initiating and implementing the process.

KIT Innovation Day HECTOR School, KIT
KIT Innovation Day

KIT Innovation Day Suzhou: Automation. Mobility Systems. Robotics, September 12, 2018

With the 3rd KIT Innovation Day, KIT aims at building bridges between experts from KIT and China, and strives to open a gate to the Chinese market in these very areas. Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025, automated production, artificial intelligence and mobility systems of the future are key topics of outstanding national interest in China. At the same, KIT has remarkable expertise and excellent reputation in these areas.

Initiative Leadership 4.0 HECTOR School, KIT
Initiative Leadership 4.0

Leadership Workshop, October 24, 2017

Digital transformation is currently one of the greatest challenges facing Baden-Wuerttemberg's industry. New technologies in automation and networking of production processes lead to a drastic increase in the complexity of processes and decisions. For this reason, experts from industry, business and science met at Palais Biron in Baden-Baden to discuss this topic in the face of the changing demands on future managers.

Fireside Chat with Sarah Meyer-Soylu HECTOR School, KIT
Fireside Chat with Sarah Meyer-Soylu

Fireside Chat with Sarah Meyer-Soylu, May 16, 2017

Sarah Meyer-Soylu, Research Area Innovation Processes and Impacts of  Technology of KIT, addressed the topic of Sustainable Mobility: Theory, Forgotten Aspects and Local Actions. Within this topic, Meyer-Soylu gave an introduction into the project Quartier Zukunft in Karslruhe and used the example of sustainable mobility in Barcelona (i.e. "super blocks").

Fireside Chat with Maike Ahrendsen, PMP HECTOR School, KIT
Fireside Chat with Maike Ahrendsen, PMP

Fireside Chat with Maike Ahrendsen, PMP, March 8, 2016

Maike Ahrendsen, PMP is Head of Corporate Project Management Office at the Schaeffler AG. In her talk she answered the question "How does a company work?" by discussing the challenges and strategies for successful Process & Project Management.

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