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Technical Short Courses in Mobility

Certificate Courses in the Field of Mobility

Technical Short Course Technology of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Technology of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Participants gain a detailed knowledge of all drive train topologies for electric and hybrid electric vehicles and their benefits and shortcomings in specific applications (types of vehicles). They have a detailed understanding of the technical function and construction alternatives of all components required for electric drive trains, namely electric machines, power electronics and energy storage systems. This includes ...

Details Certifcate Course Technology of Hybrid & Electronic Vehicles
Technical Short Course Battery Technology
Battery Technology

The further development of energy storage systems will change the world´s energy supply in the future. It is important to keep yourself up to date in a fast developing topic like battery technology. In an intense short course you get the opportunity to learn about the latest insights, innovations, working principles and materials.

Details Certficate Course Battery Technology