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Costs & Fees for the M.Sc. Programs at HECTOR School

The tuition fee for the entire M.Sc. Program is 30.000 € (thirty thousand EUR). Please note that this fee is tax-deductible.


The tuition fee for a Master of Science Program at the HECTOR School includes:

  • Tuition for all HECTOR School modules and supervision of the master's thesis
  • Course materials in a digital version
  • WLAN access to the KIT network and computer laboratories
  • Free usage of the KIT library
  • Free drinks & snack buffet during the lectures
  • Participation in social events during the HECTOR School modules


The following costs are not included:

  • Living expenses (food, clothes, and other everyday commodities) (see "DAAD: Living expenses in Germany")
  • Costs for accommodation in Karlsruhe (campus accommodation at the HECTOR School are available at special rates)
  • Travel to and back from Karlsruhe
  • Immatriculation fee of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (approx. 150 EUR per semester)
  • Transport and Accommodation during international modules (if applicable)


For further information about fees and prices please contact us.

Exemplary Payment Plan

Exemplary Payment Plan HECTOR School

To better organize your finanical payments of the fees applicable for the participation in one of the HECTOR School master programs, we generated the exemplary payment plan above for you. In case of further questions, please don't hesitate to contact admissions consulting.