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Academic Cooperation Partners

MBA Fundamentals Program for Doctoral Researchers

This tailor-made MBA Fundamentals Program is especially designed for doctoral researchers: While still working towards their PhD it equips them with management expertise and thereby forms a solid base for industry entry.


Doctoral researchers benefit from knowledge on management topics at an early stage of their career. The MBA Fundamentals Program puts them in the unique position to gain an additional management qualification and thereby fosters career options, especially when switching from academia to industry.

In six units the MBA Fundamentals Program conveys a whole new approach regarding, e.g., project management, human resource management and marketing. The completion of the MBA Fundamentals Program is worth 18 credit points (in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)). These credit points are recognised in international MBA Programs.

The order of units can be chosen individually. The program can be completed during the doctoral research project, whilst the option is also to make the second part of the program parallel to the first professional experience. After the successful completion of all units the MBA Fundamentals Certificate is awarded by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). 

Target Group

The program is aimed at doctoral researchers who want to expand their horizon in terms of management skills.


Key Facts & Benefits

  • 6 units (each of 5 days)
  • Credit points (3 ECTS per Unit, in total 18 ECTS)
  • No application deadline, individual start possible
  • Completion during doctoral research or partly on the job
  • Cost per unit: 2.100,- €
  • Costs are covered for members of one of our cooperation graduates schools, the HEiKA Graduate School “Functional Materials” and the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP).

Units 2020*

Unit 3 - Markets

February 10 - February 14, 2020

Unit 1 - Projects March 16 - March 20, 2020
Start-Up Companies** March 23 - March 24, 2020
Unit 4 - People July 6 - July 10, 2020
Unit 2 - Values September 14 - September 18, 2020

Unit 1 - Projects

October 12 - October 16, 2020

*Dates can be subject to change.

**The Intercultural Training and Start-Up Companies are not mandatory for the completion of the certificate and don't grant credits, but participation is strongly advised when completing the full program.