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HECTOR School Events: Fairs, Open House & More

Join our events to get a real impression of the Technology Business School of the KIT. Meet us at exhibitions, open day events, or info session.
HECTOR School presents itself at an exhibition

Check out the event calendar for the next chances to meet us:



DAAD Webinar Indonesia


Oct. 10, 2018

Alumni Stammtisch Nürnberg


Oct. 11-12, 2018

herCAREER München 11.10.2018, 15:10-15:40 in Munich (Auditorium 2 – Number: G.13 - Hall 5): „Engineer your career. Master of Science at KIT“, talk by Gian-Pietro Solinas (Program Consultant) and Jasmin Pennicke (Team leader in layout- and material-flow planning, Powertrain pre-commissioning, Daimler AG):


Oct. 11, 2018

VDI nachrichten Recruiting Tag Karlsruhe


Oct. 13, 2018

EEFT Taiwan

DAAD Webinar USA/Canada


Oct. 17, 2018

Alumni Stammtisch Nürnberg

Creative techniques at the Maker Space Lab and Design Sprints at Siemens AG


Oct. 18, 2018

VDI nachrichten Recruiting Tag Nürnberg


Oct. 20.-28., 2018

China Education Expo (CEE), talk in Shanghai


Oct. 25, 2018

VDI nachrichten Recruiting Tag Hannover

Arbeiten und Leadership 4.0


Nov. 21, 2018

Master Messe in Zürich