HECTOR School of Engineering and Management Honors Exceptional Lecturers with 2023 Teaching Awards

The Teaching Award recognizes outstanding lecturers who have demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, dedication, and passion for their subject matter. The award winners were announced during the graduation ceremony held in June.
Teaching Award group 2023Sandra Göttisheim, KIT

Karlsruhe, July 5th, 2023: As a university student, you attend lectures and seminars regularly, with the expectation of gaining knowledge and skills to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. But how do you know if the lectures you attend are effective and engaging? The answer lies in evaluating them.
Evaluating lectures provides valuable feedback to lecturers and faculty, helping them to identify areas for improvement and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. This feedback not only benefits future students but also helps lecturers to enhance their skills and knowledge.
Evaluating our lectures is a crucial part of improving the quality of our further education programs. For years, the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management has recognized outstanding lecturers with a teaching award, presented during the graduation ceremony of the class they taught. These awards recognize the hard work and dedication of lecturers who go above and beyond to create engaging and effective learning environments.

The recipients of this year's Teaching Award were selected based on their exceptional teaching skills, as evaluated by students throughout the academic years of Intake 2017 and 2018. The following lecturers have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to education:

Management Module

  1. Prof. Martin Ruckes
  2. Sven Jacobs
  3. Prof. Petra Nieken

Master in Production & Operations Management

  1. Prof. Lanza
  2. Prof. Fromm
  3. Prof. Nickel

Master in Management of Product Development

  1. Sascha Ott
  2. Prof. Bursac
  3. Prof. Ovtcharova

Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

  1. Prof. Björn Hein, Prof. Christian Wurll
  2. Prof. Reussner
  3. Dr. Heinrich

Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

  1. Prof. Sax
  2. Prof. Hohmann
  3. Prof. Heine

Master in Energy Engineering and Management

  1. Prof. Doppelbauer
  2. Prof. Hiller
  3. Dr. Jung

We understand the Teaching Awards as a testament to our commitment to excellence in teaching and our dedication to providing students with the highest quality education. By recognizing outstanding lecturers, we aim to inspire a culture of excellence in teaching and set a high standard for future generations of lecturers.
We congratulate the recipients of the 2023 Teaching Awards and thanks all of its faculty members for their hard work and dedication to education.