Certificate Courses in the Field of Energy

An array of fuel cells and wireframes thereofPolinaKrasnikova/Shutterstock.com
Fuel Cells

Dive into the world of fuel cell technology and discover how hydrogen is revolutionizing the energy landscape, from production to application as a sustainable energy carrier. Explore the fundamentals, delve into various fuel cell types, and learn how hydrogen is revolutionizing the energy landscape.

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Sustainable Product Development Certificate Coursemaeching-chaiwongwatthana/Shutterstock.com
Sustainable Product Development

Create your path to sustainability with the workshop "Sustainable Product Development". You will learn to define, plan and anchor sustainability in your company and production process to ultimately develop sustainable products.

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HECTOR School Renewables Generation & Grid IntegrationKIT
Renewables Generation & Grid Integration

The course provides focus on two aspects. Firstly the most common renewable energy technologies such as wind energy, solar power, hydro power as well as biomass will be introduced. The introduction includes the technical design as well as the current market and economic situation.

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HECTOR School Battery TechnologyKIT
Battery Technology

The further development of energy storage systems will change the world´s energy supply in the future. It is important to keep yourself up to date in a fast developing topic like battery technology. In an intense short course you get the opportunity to learn about the latest insights, innovations, working principles and materials.

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