Start-up TeamUnsplash/JasonGoodman
The Secrets of Successful Start-ups

03/24: Uncover the secrets of successful start-ups with the HECTOR School, KIT and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Join a network of innovators and learn how to enter the market with technical and managerial expertise and support for start-ups.

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Lisa Simon PortraitSandra Göttisheim, KIT
VDI Nachrichten Interview with Student Lisa Simon

10/23: Empowering Future Leaders: Lisa Simon's Academic Journey in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management. Lisa Simon was interviewed by the VDI Nachrichten. 

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Portrait Nico JäckelHECTOR School, KIT
Interview Globalmagazin with Nico Jäckel

08/23: Technical progress alone cannot solve the energy crisis; a holistic solution requires technological innovations, political measures and sustainable energy policies. Nico Jäckel in the interview.

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Martina Waldner PortraitSandra Göttisheim, KIT
Energy Transition: Fostering Employee Skill Development

08/23: F.A.Z.-Personaljournal published an article from Martina Waldner, Senior Program Consultant, HECTOR School of Engineering and Management about "Equipping Employees for the Energy Transition: Nurturing Essential Competencies".

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Teaching Award group 2023Sandra Göttisheim, KIT
Teaching Awards 2023

07/23: HECTOR School of Engineering and Management is proud to announce the recipients of the 2023 Teaching Award. 

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Eco-Friendly Bags Made from Recycled Marketing MaterialsAnna Brotzer, KIT
Eco-Friendly Bags Made from Recycled Marketing Materials

06/23: HECTOR School of Engineering and Management has always been committed to sustainability and equality. Now, the Technology Business School is taking these values to the next level by creating new bags for its alumni using recycled marketing materials like banners, flags, and roll-ups. These unique bags are not only eco-friendly, but they also provide meaningful employment opportunities for disabled artisans who crafted them in a workshop.

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This is how companies succeed in building Energy
The future is now

05/23: This is how companies succeed in building Energy competence.

To avoid a final collapse of our ecosystems, countermeasures must be taken now. In particular, it is important to rely exclusively on renewable energy in the near future and use them much more efficiently than today. Companies are also required to ensure greater sustainability.

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KIT Energy CenterAmadeus Bramsiepe/Markus Breig, KIT
KIT Energy Center provides vital momentum for Transformation

03/23: The climate and energy crises show: The transformation of the energy system to a sustainable and reliable supply must move forward faster. Find out how the KIT Energy Center is driving forward the transformation of our energy systems.

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FAQ relating to the corona virus
FAQ Relating to the Corona Virus

Information on how the teaching and housing situation at HECTOR School is being handled during the pandemic. If you have concrete questions regarding the HECTOR School that are not answered here, please contact Ms. Katrin Olböter:

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Testing advanced driver assistance systemsHECTOR School, KIT
Testing advanced driver assistance systems

01/23: Practical lecture at the Campus East. Students of the M. Sc. in Master of Science in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management test advanced driver assistance systems.

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health at work health@work
Offboarding: The new way of exit management

01/23: Experienced employees who have an appreciative connection to the company are of inestimable value. Find out what added value offboarding has for companies.

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Seamless Process in Mobility Systems Engineering

12/22: The continuous transformation of the mobility sector requires new fields of activity and new ways of systems engineering. Find out how Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sax, the Program Director of the part-time Master "Mobility Systems Engineering & Management" explains the new challenges with the Seamless Process modell. 

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Klimaneutrale EnergiewirtschaftAnna Brotzer, KIT
Customized skills for a climate-neutral energy industry

11/22: Find out how the part-time master's degree program "Energy Engineering & Management" refers to current developments in the energy sector.

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ArtikelHaufe: wirtschaft + weiterbildung 09_2022
Innovative upskilling project for sustainable and holistic solutions in the energy transition

10/22: Find out how Rolls-Royce Power Systems and the HECTOR School of Engineering & Management developed and upskilling project that promotes new technologies and provides further training for employees already working in the company. 


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LookKIT article InternationalKIT
Now I Am a Better Version of Myself

10/2022: Read the interview with HECTOR School Alumna Pranjal Ranka in the lookKIT article and learn about her long way from her place of birth, Bhilwara in India, to her graduation at the HECTOR School in Karlsruhe. 

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Control Systems DevelopmentKIT; ITIV
Use Cases in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

08/22: Participants of the M. Sc. in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management learn not only theoretical basics, but also practical application.

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Teaching Award 2022HECTOR School, KIT
Official Ceremony of the Teaching Award 2022

06/22: The HECTOR School of Engineering and Management is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Teaching Awards. On June 2, 2022, the certificates were handed over to the winners of the Teaching Award during the graduation ceremony of the Intake 2019. 

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Group working
Mindset für lebenslanges Lernen

05/22: Erfahren Sie von HECTOR School Alumnus Michael Müller, Head of Product Engineering & Development bei WMF und Martina Klug, Geschäftsführerin der EnBW Perspektiven GmbH, wie durch lebenslanges Lernen neue Perspektiven für Unternehmen und Mitarbeitende entstehen.

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Best Practice für lebenslanges Lernen
Lifelong learning empowers companies and employees

04/22: Have a look at how HECTOR School empowers companies like Rolls-Royce Power Systems to build a culture of lifelong learning to master the challenges of an ever-changing society.

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Lifelong Learning Summit
Lifelong Learning Summit

03/22: The HECTOR School of Engineering & Management invites all those interested to the online congress "Lifelong Learning Summit".

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Renewable Energies in MobilityKIT
How Useful Are Renewable Energies in the Mobility Sector?

02/22: Advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen and electric drives in the mobility sector.

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Professor DoppelbauerHECTOR School, KIT
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Doppelbauer

12/21: The head of the Specialization E-Mobility in the Master´s program Mobility Systems Engineering and Management Prof. Doppelbauer talks about his field of research.

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AIaaS_Image_PresentationProf. Dr. Sunyaev, KIT
AIaaS - The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence Services

11/21: Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the term used to describe artificial intelligence (AI) from the cloud - one of the most innovative services currently available. AIaaS refers to cloud-based systems that providing on-demand services to organizations and individuals to deploy, develop, train, and manage AI models.

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Visit Energy Lab 2.0HECTOR School, KIT
Excursion to the Energy Lab 2.0

10/21: An Excursion to get insights of the Energy Lab 2.0 and the latest KIT research on renewable energy. 

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News LookKIT Changes are her SpecialityKIT
News LookKIT "Changes Are Her Specialty"

09/21: Dr. Eda Epp, HECTOR School Alumna, Supports the Automotive Industry on its Path to Greater Sustainability

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Hot TopicHECTOR School, KIT
Hot Topics in Production and Operations Management

08/21: A competitive environment, high level quality products and responsibility for execution, reliability and quality.
Find out how to manage all these things in the part-time Production and Operations Management. 

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Renewable Energy Transition KIT
Renewable Energy Transition

08/21: We asked three members of the HECTOR School faculty about the challenges and possible next steps in the renewable energy transition.

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Alumni Meeting IBM Watson Center MunichAnna Brotzer, KIT
HECTOR School Alumni Meeting 2021

07/21: The biennial alumni meeting was held in hybrid format for the first time. We experienced AI, hybrid clouds and sustainability on the 21st floor of the IBM Watson Center Munich, followed by dinner and a networking event on Saturday morning.

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transferqualifizierung Bildungswerk
Project "Qualification Transfer"

07/21: The project "Qualification Transfer for Technical Experts and Specialists in the Industry in Structural Change" is moving onto its next phase. Funded by the Baden-Württemberg  Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, this project aims to offer further qualification programs in E-Mobility, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Change Management.

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Segway EventHECTOR School, KIT
One step further toward autonomous public transportation

07/21: Find out how Platooning can change our public transportation system and how you can put your own thoughts and ideas into it.

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Professor Sax HECTOR School, KIT

07/21: Listen to Mobility Systems Engineering and Management Program Director Prof. Sax on the eActros in the interview on dradio (in German).

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Prof. ReussnerHECTOR School, KIT
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Reussner

06/21: The Programm Director of M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering and Management talks about his field of research.

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Topics of MobilityHECTOR School, KIT
Topics of Future Mobility

05/21: The topics of the mobility of the future - united in the part-time Master's degree program Mobility Systems Engineering and Management. For those who don't just want to run along.

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Prof. Dr. SaxHECTOR School, KIT
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Sax

05/21: The Program Director of M. Sc. in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management and Academic Director of the Academy gives insights about his research and talks about the future of the industry.

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Open House Day 2021HECTOR School, KIT
Open House Day 2021

05/21: Interested students got insights into the campus and the study programs at the Open House Day. HECTOR School´s lecturer Professor Terzidis and Alumni Michael Müller were invited to give first-hand insights.

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HECTOR School Alumni Survey 2021 Overall satisfactionHECTOR School, KIT
Alumni Survey 2021

04/21: Alumni award top marks for the master's programs in the five-yearly alumni survey. The survey is an elementary part of the quality control and further development of the Technology Business School.

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International Module in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management

03/21: Mobility Systems Engineering and Management is set to participate in the management module offered by the ESADE in Barcelona. This module taught abroad makes the part-time Master's program even more attractive for future students, whose interdisciplinary exchange in international surroundings will also be promoted.

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No-Nos Within the Job Application

03/21: There is no second chance for the first impression. There are a lot of no-nos regarding the job application process. See most common ones and try to avoid them.

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Job Interview

02/21: At the stage of the invitation to a job interview, you overcome a huge hurdle on the way to your desired job. Make sure to be well-prepared for this appointment in order to convince the person in the interview of your skills. In the following article you will get insights on what you can expect in a job interview and  how you can prepare yourself for this event.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

12/20: Is your Curriculum Vitae (CV) up to date? Get here the most important information and useful tips at a glance and make an excellent first impression on your future employer.

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Applying for a Job in Germany

11/20: Looking for a job and don't know where to start? This article will help you to get insight on the application process in Germany and provide some useful addresses with further information.

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Happy birthday Mr. WeuleInternational Department, KIT
Founder of International Department Celebrates 80th Birthday

10/20: We wish Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Weule, one of the founders of the International Department of the KIT gGmbH, a happy 80th birthday!

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Prof. Eric SaxHECTOR School, KIT
Heavy Traffic will Increase

09/20: In the next few years, heavy traffic will increase.

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Students of the HECTOR SchoolHECTOR School, KIT
Professional development as a competitive advantage: companies and staff benefit alike

09/20: The COVID-19 pandemic has been turning the principles of global trade upside down for months. The HECTOR School of Engineering & Management offers three opportunities for corporations and medium-sized businesses.

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Studying during COVID-19

08/20: Read more about the Master’s degrees at HECTOR School and how their study process during COVID-19 is created.

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Picture Prof. Jörn Müller-QuadeKIT
Using and Protecting Data

08/20: Talking about Security Risks of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Sector.

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RegioMORE TeamStadt Bühl
HECTOR School Professor Takes on Large Scale Project

07/20: HECTOR School lecturer Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova takes lead on the "RegioMORE" project.

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Prof. LanzaHECTOR School, KIT
HECTOR School Professor Becomes Member of DFG Senate

07/20: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza becomes member of the DFG Senate.

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HECTOR School Professor Hiller
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Hiller

07/20: The Program Director of M.Sc. Energy Engineering and Management talks about his field of research.

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HECTOR School Professor Nickel
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Nickel

06/20: The Program Director of the Management Modules sheds light on his perspective regarding his research area.

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Smart house at KIT
A House that Can Think and Calculate

05/20: The energy smart home lab adapts to new research issues.

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Woman with virtual reality
Do Not Disturb!

04/20: Sensitive software interprets situations and reacts accordingly.

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HECTOR School Vehicles
Facts and Figures of Vehicles

03/20: See how to drive the future of mobility with our Master's Program MSEM: Mobility Systems Engineering and Management (M.Sc.).

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Student working with power supply
Power Supplies that Last Three Times Longer

02/20: Industry benefits from smart switching power supplies.

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Student working with machine learning
When the Machine Learns to Understand Human Beings

01/20: KIT's startup Kimoknow supports industry with digital assembly systems.

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HECTOR School intake 2019
Largest Intake in HECTOR School's History

11/19: HECTOR School is proud to announce it's largest intake in history.

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Alexander Gerst
A Journey of Discovery is Only Complete When You Return to Your Place of Origin

10/19: On the 12th July 2019, Dr. Alexander Gerst, a well-known astronaut and also an alumnus of the KIT, has been awarded with a honorary for his services to science.

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HECTOR School Prof. Maedche
Digital Transformation has Long Since Ceased to be a Buzzword

10/19: On 20th August 2019, the internet magazine “Internet of Things” issued an interview of Prof. Dr. Maedche.

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Student working with virtual model
Virtual Experience of Prototypes

07/19: New XR laboratory at IPEK enables early validation of interactive products.

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EEM program
Three Ways to Become an Energy Expert

07/19: From Certificate Courses to Master's Program - different ways of pursuing expertise in the energy industry.

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ISEM program
Seeking a Bridge Between Two Worlds

06/19: New extra-occupational study program “Information Systems Engineering and Management” to start in autumn, and half of the openings have already been filled.

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Three people working with a model
Honeycomb Reactors for the Energy Transition

06/19: An innovative process for methanation of hydrogen in power-to-gas plants.

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Storing energy
Storing Energy in the Depths

05/19: Cooling and Heating with Groundwater.

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Beyond Lithium

05/19: POLiS Cluster of Excellence to Establish the Foundations of Sustainable and Effective Battery Storage.

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Rolls Royce and HECTOR School
Rolls Royce Partnership with HECTOR School

04/19: Rolls-Royce Power Systems helps 100 engineers gain electrical engineering qualification.

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Wind and solar energy
Energy Transition

04/19: Under the ENSURE Kopernikus Project, representatives of civil society develop scenarios for implementing the energy transition.

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Man next to solar energy panels
No Blackout

04/19: Resilient reliable power supply despite renewable energies and decentralization.

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Cover of lookkit
The Best Decision

03/19: How AI helps retailers increase sales and profits.

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teaching award winners
HECTOR School Teaching Award 2019

03/19: Congratulations to the HECTOR School professors who receive the Teaching Award 2019.

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KIT President Hanselka
A Revolution We Help to Shape

03/19: President of KIT, Professor Holger Hanselka, talks about artificial intelligence and his role in the steering committee of the learning systems platform.

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Artiminds employees working
The Most Difficult Thing was to Find the First Clients

02/19: KIT's spinoff ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH bridges the gap between latest technology and industrial robot.

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Driving in a car
The Magic Word is Deep Learning

02/19: Neural networks pushing development in autonomous driving.

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artificial intelligence
The Dark Side of AI is Powerful

01/19: IT Security expert Professor Jörn Müller-Quade warns against previously unknown cyber attacks.

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AMAR KIT assisting robot
AMAR, Assisting Robot

01/19: The youngest member of the ARMAR family independently grasps situations and assists.

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