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Happy birthday Mr. WeuleInternational Department, KIT
10/20: Founder of International Department Celebrates 80th Birthday

We wish Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Weule, one of the founders of the International Department of the KIT gGmbH, a happy 80th birthday!

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Prof. Eric SaxHECTOR School, KIT
Heavy Traffic will Increase

09/20: In the next few years, heavy traffic will increase.

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Students of the HECTOR SchoolHECTOR School, KIT
Professional development as a competitive advantage: companies and staff benefit alike

09/20: The COVID-19 pandemic has been turning the principles of global trade upside down for months. The HECTOR School of Engineering & Management offers three opportunities for corporations and medium-sized businesses.

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Studying during COVID-19

08/20: Read more about the Master’s degrees at HECTOR School and how their study process during COVID-19 is created.

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Picture Prof. Jörn Müller-QuadeKIT
Using and Protecting Data

08/20: Talking about Security Risks of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Sector.

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RegioMORE TeamStadt Bühl
HECTOR School Professor Takes on Large Scale Project

07/20: HECTOR School lecturer Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova takes lead on the "RegioMORE" project.

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Prof. LanzaHECTOR School, KIT
HECTOR School Professor Becomes Member of DFG Senate

07/20: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza becomes member of the DFG Senate.

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FAQ relating to the corona virus
FAQ Relating to the Corona Virus

07/20: Information about the COVID-19 corona virus.

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HECTOR School Professor Hiller
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Hiller

07/20: The Program Director of M.Sc. Energy Engineering and Management talks about his field of research.

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HECTOR School Professor Nickel
Faces behind HECTOR School: Professor Nickel

06/20: The Program Director of the Management Modules sheds light on his perspective regarding his research area.

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Smart house at KIT
A House that Can Think and Calculate

05/20: The energy smart home lab adapts to new research issues.

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Woman with virtual reality
Do Not Disturb!

04/20: Sensitive software interprets situations and reacts accordingly.

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HECTOR School Vehicles
Facts and Figures of Vehicles

03/20: See how to drive the future of mobility with our Master's Program MSEM: Mobility Systems Engineering and Management (M.Sc.).

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Student working with power supply
Power Supplies that Last Three Times Longer

02/20: Industry benefits from smart switching power supplies.

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Student working with machine learning
When the Machine Learns to Understand Human Beings

01/20: KIT's startup Kimoknow supports industry with digital assembly systems.

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HECTOR School intake 2019
Largest Intake in HECTOR School's History

11/19: HECTOR School is proud to announce it's largest intake in history.

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Alexander Gerst
A Journey of Discovery is Only Complete When You Return to Your Place of Origin

10/19: On the 12th July 2019, Dr. Alexander Gerst, a well-known astronaut and also an alumnus of the KIT, has been awarded with a honorary for his services to science.

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HECTOR School Prof. Maedche
Digital Transformation has Long Since Ceased to be a Buzzword

10/19: On 20th August 2019, the internet magazine “Internet of Things” issued an interview of Prof. Dr. Maedche.

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Student working with virtual model
Virtual Experience of Prototypes

07/19: New XR laboratory at IPEK enables early validation of interactive products.

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EEM program pictureiStock.com/metamorworks
Three Ways to Become an Energy Expert

07/19: From Certificate Courses to Master's Program - different ways of pursuing expertise in the energy industry.

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ISEM program pictureiStock.com/ipopba
Seeking a Bridge Between Two Worlds

06/19: New extra-occupational study program “Information Systems Engineering and Management” to start in autumn, and half of the openings have already been filled.

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Three people working with a model
Honeycomb Reactors for the Energy Transition

06/19: An innovative process for methanation of hydrogen in power-to-gas plants.

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Storing energy
Storing Energy in the Depths

05/19: Cooling and Heating with Groundwater.

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Beyond Lithium

05/19: POLiS Cluster of Excellence to Establish the Foundations of Sustainable and Effective Battery Storage.

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Rolls Royce and HECTOR School
Rolls Royce Partnership with HECTOR School

04/19: Rolls-Royce Power Systems helps 100 engineers gain electrical engineering qualification.

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Wind and solar energy
Energy Transition

04/19: Under the ENSURE Kopernikus Project, representatives of civil society develop scenarios for implementing the energy transition.

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Man next to solar energy panels
No Blackout

04/19: Resilient reliable power supply despite renewable energies and decentralization.

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Cover of lookkit
The Best Decision

03/19: How AI helps retailers increase sales and profits.

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teaching award winners
HECTOR School Teaching Award 2019

03/19: Congratulations to the HECTOR School professors who receive the Teaching Award 2019.

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KIT President Hanselka
A Revolution We Help to Shape

03/19: President of KIT, Professor Holger Hanselka, talks about artificial intelligence and his role in the steering committee of the learning systems platform.

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Artiminds employees working
The Most Difficult Thing was to Find the First Clients

02/19: KIT's spinoff ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH bridges the gap between latest technology and industrial robot.

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Driving in a car
The Magic Word is Deep Learning

02/19: Neural networks pushing development in autonomous driving.

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artificial intelligence
The Dark Side of AI is Powerful

01/19: IT Security expert Professor Jörn Müller-Quade warns against previously unknown cyber attacks.

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AMAR KIT assisting robot
AMAR, Assisting Robot

01/19: The youngest member of the ARMAR family independently grasps situations and assists.

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