Master of Science in Information Systems Engineering and Management

Digital Transformation of Products, Services, and Organizations

In the recent years, the topic of digital transformation in companies and the needs of qualified employees has developed rapidly. In the context of digital transformation, companies face the challenge of qualifying their employees as an "enabler" at the interface of business and IT.

In the Master´s program in Information Systems Engineering and Management, IT specialists and computer scientists as well as business administrators and engineers will be enabled to advance internal and external digitalization and to assume leadership functions, especially in the field of digital transformation of companies.

Focus Points

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artifical Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning
  • IT Security & Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence as a Services (AIaaS)

Key Facts

  • Structure: Part-time (but enrolled as a fulltime student)
    10 modules x 2 weeks in Karlsruhe + master thesis in the company or at a KIT institute
    • 5 Engineering Modules: Technological expertise
    • 5 Management Modules: Leadership know-how
  • Duration: Approx. 20 months (modules 14 months + master thesis 6 months)
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), 90 ECTS
  • Start: Every year in October
  • Application deadline: There is none. We have a rolling application process.
  • Costs: detailed information on our costs and fees webpage
    • 36,000.00 € (thirty-six thousand Euro) for the entire Master´s program 
  • Admission requirements: First academic degree (e.g. Bachelor, Master or Diploma), at least 2 years professional experience, English language proficiency. Find more here.
  • Accreditation: by aaq


Master the Digital Transformation and Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business

The Master's program Information Systems Engineering & Management is splitted in 5 Engineering and 5 Management Modules of 2 weeks, each over a period of 15 months. The modules are followed by a Master Thesis written in the company (6 months) and often used as a innovation project for the company. The overall duration is approx. 20 months.

Engineering Modules Management Modules
  • Digital Platforms
  • Software Engineering
  • Process and Knowledge Engineering
  • Security and Privacy Engineering
  • Elective Subjects:
    • Digital Services
    • Autonomous Robotics

Preparatory Courses*:

"Probability and Statistics", and
"Programming. Object-oriented programming with Java." , and
"Java Crash Course"

  • Marketing & Information
  • Finance & Value
  • Decisions & Risk
  • Innovation & Projects
  • Strategy & People
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Find here the Assets of our Master´s Program Information Systems Engineering and Management

Digital products and services will characterize tomorrow’s world, and organizations are digitally transformed across all functional areas. The Master’s Program Information Systems Engineering and Management qualifies graduates to drive the digital transformation of products, services, and organizations from a business and IT perspective. Graduates encounter digitalization challenges with an engineering orientation and solve them with the help of modern management methods.

Two Specializations

Choose between the two Specializations "Digital Services" and "Autonomous Robotics" in Information Systems Engineering and Management:

Specialization "Digital Services"
  • Immediate globalization capabilities, agile development and deployment, individualization of delivered solutions
  • Availability of “Big Data” and sophisticated AI-based analytics, enable customer intimacy,  improve internal efficiency
  • Connect service (eco)systems via digital services and create smarter systems
Specialization "Autonomous Robotics"
  • Designing and creating in a production or logistics context.
  • Smart manufacturing and automation with Industry 4.0
  • Cloud, Fog Robotics
  • Designing, creating, and controlling autonomous robots
  • Controlling of collaborating robots (including lab)

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Timetable HECTOR School, KIT
Academic Calendar Intake 2024

Program Structure

The concurrently taught Executive Master Program is designed for working professionals. Block lectures scheduled at intervals allow participants to continue with demanding careers while acquiring new skills.

5 Management Modules presents broader knowledge in management know-how, including two modules conveying the universal topic of digitisation and the associated disruptive innovations. The 5 Engineering Modules provide deeper knowledge in technological topics.

Download the  Academic Calendar Intake 2024 (PDF)


Order now our "Content Overview and Learning Targets" (COLT) to get a better understanding of your favored Master Program. You will get an overview over

  • Study objectives (e.g. professional qualification for certain activities, scientific practice, knowledge of methods)
  • Structure of the program
  • Content and definition of courses (sub-areas, focal points)
  • Study plan

Click here to request your "Content Overview and Learning Targets" handbook.


Participants of Information Systems Engineering and Management

In the program Information Systems Engineering and Management, you can find (inter)national graduates with a Bachelor's or Master´s degree in Economics, Computer Science, Business Informatics, Information Management, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, or Industrial Engineering and Management - always with initial work experience.

Enablers of Digital Transformation are line of business representatives with a business or an engineering background as well as IT specialists and can have positions like:

  • Information/ Communication Technology Manager
  • IT Coordinator / IT Consultant
  • IT Service Manager / IT Integration Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Engineers e.g. in Product Development, Production


  • All industries affected by the digital transformation
  • Specializations qualify graduates for new opportunities in e.g.: IT, telco, automotive, consulting, production, logistics, finance, media, trading, public as well as health sector.

Career Perspectives after Graduation

The ongoing digitalization of economy, industry, and society is increasing the demand for skilled workers. Various fields of activity are opening up in high-tech industry, manufacturing companies, small and middle-sized companies as well as IT start-ups and service companies, especially with regard to digital services and industry 4.0.
Capturing the emerging opportunities requires globally thinking visionaries and managers, who are able to combine profound competence in information technology with excellent know-how in management. This opens up excellent and sought-after job profiles for graduates.

Academic Requirements

  • University degree in a relevant subject
  • Professional experience (at least 1-2 years) & current employment
  • English proficiency

Detailed description of all admission requirements


We highly recommend to participate in the offered crash course* "Probability and Statistic” and to diversify your skill set in self-study** in case you do not have a background in java, networks, or database systems.

Admission Statutes

Download here the statutes for admission (German PDF) to the Master's program in Information Systems Engineering and Management.


Program Directors 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Oberweis
Institute of Applied Informatics & Formal Description Methods (AIFB), KIT

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner
Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM), KIT

Get to know Prof. Reussner in his interview.

Prof. Dr. Martin E. Ruckes
Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance (FBV), KIT


KIT Teaching Quality

The HECTOR School offers top-level teaching derived from state-of-the-art research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Numerous institutes and departments of the KIT are involved in the HECTOR School Master´s program Information Systems Engineering and Management:

Digital Services g-stock_studio/
Specialization Digital Services

Interested in globalization capabilities, availability of “Big Data” and AI-based analytics and the connection via of service systems? Find out more about the Specialization "Digital Services" in the Master´s program Information Systems Engineering and Management.

Read more here
Autonomous Robotics HECTOR School, KIT
Specialization Autonomous Robotics

Digital Transformation through designing, creating and controlling autonomous robots in a production or logistics context sounds interesting to you? Find out more about the Specialization "Autonomous Robotics" in the Master´s program Information Systems Engineering and Management.

Read more here
Martina Waldner HECTOR School, KIT

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*Preparatory Courses

Crash Course “Probability and Statistics”: Participants without experience in the field of probability are highly recommended to take part in the Crash Course “Probability and Statistics” taking place from November 1 to November 10, 2023. Thanks to the blended learning format you can schedule the courses yourself within these two weeks. You have an exchange with the lecturer during video meetings in order to prepare yourself optimally for the start of your studies.
We highly recommend all applicants to participate in the courses to update the technical knowledge, as it might be the crucial factor for a successful degree at HECTOR School.

Certificate Course "Programming": The Certificate Course Programming provides basic knowledge and allows repeating foundations of object-oriented programming which is prerequisite to the software engineering courses in the Master´s program Information Systems Engineering and Management. In particular, knowledge provided in this course is prerequisite to understand software design principles and patterns, software architecture, component-based software engineering which all is part of the module Software Engineering. The course will take place February 27 to March 1, 2024. Find here » more information about the Certificate Course Programming

Java Crash Course: We recommend all participants to diversity their skill set to best tackle any challenges that may arise in their studies and careers. For example, picking up some basic experience in Java can really go a long way, if you do not have an IT background. You can attend i.e. a Java crash course online to gain a deeper understanding of the basics. Best of all, participation is free or you can sign up for a pro account and access additional functions. Showing initiative by actively seeking out new skills and training opportunities reflects positively on prospective participants currently undertaking the interview process. Be sure to bring up any participation certificates you might have when holding your interview with your Program Director.