Certificate Courses in the Field of Industry 4.0

HECTOR School Smart Manufactoring & Automation with Industry 4.0KIT
Smart Manufacturing & Automation with Industry 4.0

The trend towards industrial automation and Industry 4.0 will change production significantly in the future. Therefore it is imperative to understand basic principles of automation and Industry 4.0 to meet the challenges facing production in the future...

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HECTOR School Electronic Systems and Software EngineeringKIT
Electronic Systems & Software Engineering

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design and manage complex engineering systems over their life cycles. Issues such as requirements engineering, reliability, logistics, coordination of different teams, testing and evaluation, reliability, maintainability and many other disciplines necessary for successful system development, design, implementation, and ultimate decommission become more difficult when dealing with large or complex projects.

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HECTOR School Quality and Supplier ManagementKIT
Quality & Supplier Management

The Certificate Course deals with the topics "Quality Management in Global Production" and "Supplier Management in China". It offers a comprehensive overview of key aspects in global manufacturing. The course takes place in Suzhou (China) and imparts both state-of-the-art technological knowledge and first-hand insights into the practical implementations in a Chinese production environment.

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