During your Study - FAQ


Studying at HECTOR School

Attendance at lectures

Yes, attendance is mandatory at HECTOR School. We believe that meeting your professors and student colleagues in person is helping you to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

If you are unable to attend, an official excuse including reason must be provided before the start of the module. If you become ill, an attestation must be provided within three days.


The Master Program is split in 5 Engineering and 5 Management Modules of 2 weeks, each over a period of 15 months. The modules are followed by a master thesis written in the company (EEM: 9 months) and often used as an innovation project for the company. The overall duration is approx. 20 months.

Please have a look at the time tables in the information download section.



Exams take place during the modules either on Saturdays, during lectures or during the week in the evening.


Exams can be written or oral. In some lectures you might be asked to hold a presentation or do a case study.


The course of studies, examinations, and graduation is described in the official Study and Examination Regulations.

Study and Examination Regulations for FE (in German)

Study and Examination Regulations for EEM, MPD and POM (in German)


Attendance of lecture serves automatically as exam registration. If you are unable to participate in the exam an official excuse must be issued, prior to exam start.


If you fail an exam you have one more possibility left to repeat the exam.

The repetition of the Exam is possible during the next two modules and has to be in the same mode like the first Exam.

The dates will be organized in cooperation with the Examination Office.