HECTOR School of Engineering and Management

Academic Cooperations Worldwide

HECTOR School maintains fruitful cooperation with leading research institutions and universities worldwide.

In addition to working closely together with our industry partners, HECTOR School cooperates with a variety of national and international partners in science and academia at an institutional and program level.

International Partner Institutions

Within the different education programs the HECTOR School works in cooperation with different international academic partners.

ESADE: One of the Management Modules of the Master Program Energy Engineering & Managment is held in Barcelona in cooperation with the ESADE Business School.

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Academic Partners in China

One of the engineering modules in the Master Program Production & Operations Management takes place in China in cooperation with GAMI in Souzhou and AMTC in Shanghai.



One of the engineering modules in the Master Program Production & Operations Management takes place in China in cooperation with the School of Automotive Studies of the Tongji University External Link in Shanghai.

MBA Program for Graduate Schools

The HECTOR School has developed a MBA Fundamentals Programs for researches in 2013. Cooperation partners are international graduate Schools, who identified a strong need for the holistic qualification of their graduates.

Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics: International Graduate School of the KIT since 2007 and awarded with the DFG Excellence Award in 2012 and 2007.

Management Seminars for Science Academies

The HECTOR School also offers management seminars since 2013, especially designed for researchers of academies of sciences. First partner is the Hector Fellow Academy.