HECTOR School Team

The HECTOR School is - as the Technology Business School of the KIT – commited to a very high services standard, excellent lectures, and a lived equality of nationality, gender and cultural backgrounds. Numerous colleagues work in the background so that participants and visitors of our premises can experience this as a matter of course. Here and on numerous other occasions this is the time to say thank you to them.

Even if the whole HECTOR School Team is working diligently to assist in all HECTOR School services and needs - here you can find the contacts to some of our colleagues:

Admissions, Sales and Marketing 

Admission and Recruitment

"Not sure whether you are eligible for admission to your preferred master's program? I will assist you with your questions."

Ms. Katrin Olböter, Junior Manager Recruitment & Admissions, info∂hectorschool.com

"Our aim is to empower professionals by providing practical academic education and equipping them with essential expertise in forward-thinking subjects.”

Ms. Jelena Münch, Marketing Manager HECTOR School, jelena.muench∂kit.edu 


Explanation of Master Programs and Continuing Qualification

"Here participants and companies find intercultural competence combined with the opportunity to develop skills.“

Mr. Yaxian Liu, Program Consultant, yaxian.liu∂kit.edu

Further education formats and industry contacts
"In a wide range of possibilities we support our participants to make the right decisions - for the company, the division and personally"

Ms. Martina Waldner, Senior Program Consultant, martina.waldner∂kit.edu


"I specialize in identifying the ideal fit for each participant within our Master's Programs, ensuring an enriching educational experience."

Mr. Temir Vinokhodov, Junior Program Consultant, temir.vinokhodov∂kit.edu


"It is fantastic to be able to make a positive contribution to further developing our professionals by offering our executive education programs."

Ms. Jolana Lang, Sales Assistant HECTOR School, jolana.lang∂kit.edu

Operations Team 

The team you can rely on to assist you during your studies. 

Student queries and timetable coordination

"I can help you with any questions you might have during your studies with us."

Ms. Franziska Reetz, Manager Operations - HECTOR School, studentoffice∂hectorschool.kit.edu

Exam coordination

"I take care of the exam organization and grade management."

Ms. Miriam Heinrich, Manager Operations - Examination Office, studentoffice∂hectorschool.kit.edu

Master's thesis process

"Nearly finished with all your modules? I can help you with the next step: your Master's thesis."

Ms. Hanna Meinzer, Manager Operations - Master's Thesis, studentoffice∂hectorschool.kit.edu

Team Leader - HECTOR School Operations

"My team and I are happy to help you with any questions you might have during your studies with us."

Mr. Stefan Franck, Team Leader - HECTOR School Operations, stefan.franck∂kit.edu

HECTOR School Academy

"I support companies in finding the right training setting for their employees to support the process of lifelong learning."

Ms. Lea Skiljo, Manager Operations - HECTOR School Academy, lea.skiljo∂kit.edu

Master's thesis process (on parental leave)

Ms. Sabrina Wunderlich, Manager Operations - Master Thesis, sabrina.wunderlich∂kit.edu

When you arrive at HECTOR School for the joyful welcome event, you will also get to know and love the HECTOR School Operations Team. They will be your port of call for all study related questions. They organize the lectures, exams, social events, the Master thesis process and much more.

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