The Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems supports together with HECTOR School engineers to acquire electrical engineering qualification.

In order to respond more robustly to the rising demand for electrified drive and propulsion systems, Rolls-Royce is supporting engineers working for their company to acquire an electrical engineering qualification.
Rolls-Royce has chosen the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management as its partner for the further training initiative. The three phases approach starts with a basic qualification to create a common understanding. This is the basis for the consolidation in three different focal points that are imparted in a second step. With the skills and knowledge acquired here, participants can already develop new products of the highest quality. The last step deepens engineering and management expertise in a Master degree to build up experts in their fields.

About Rolls-Royce plc.

Rolls-Royce pioneers cutting-edge technologies that deliver clean, safe and competitive solutions to meet our planet’s vital power needs. The Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems is headquartered in Friedrichshafen in southern Germany and employs more than 10,000 people. The product portfolio includes MTU-brand high-speed engines and propulsion systems for ships, power generation, heavy land, rail and defense vehicles and for the oil and gas industry as well as diesel and gas systems and battery containers for mission critical, standby and continuous power, combined generation of heat and power, and microgrids. Rolls-Royce has customers in more than 150 countries, comprising more than 400 airlines and leasing customers, 160 armed forces, 70 navies, and more than 5,000 power customers.

In 2019, Rolls-Royce invested £1.45 billion on research and development. We also support a global network of 29 University Technology Centres, which position Rolls-Royce engineers at the forefront of scientific research.


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