School of Automotive Studies

Since established in 2002, College of Automotive Studies of Tongji University has developed fast.


The College of Automotive Studies of Tongji University was approved as the Shanghai Key Discipline in July 2007 and the National Key Discipline in January 2008. It has a high-level teaching and expert team, including one "863" Chief Scientist, one "973" Chief Scientist, 4 persons selected into Thousands of People Plan by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and one Changjiang Scholar, etc. It aims to cultivate talents with solid engineering knowledge, strong research ability and international perspectives. In 2009, it acted the pioneer college to initiate the Excellent Engineering Training Program in Tongji. The college has established wide cooperation in R&D and academic field with foreign universities and research organizations, as well as close relationship and collaboration with automotive industry home and abroad. Another feature of the school is the success student innovation base, which creates a platform to integrate students' innovation, practice, interests, skill development and prototype test in automotive section.

Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center (CEAEC)

Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center (shorten as CEAEC in the following texts) of Tongji University was founded in 2002 and is located in Jiading Campus of Tongji University. As an important part of Shanghai International Automobile City, Jiading Campus of Tongji University has built a discipline chain for modern manufacturing with the focus on ground transportation, in which automobile plays an important role. All of this supplies a favorable environment for the CEAEC’s R&D activities.
CEAEC covers ca.9043 m2 ground with a floor area of 24126 m2 and has two buildings, one for R&D and administrative staff, another for the test & trial purpose. CEAEC has its five R&D departments, i.e.

1. Powertrain System Integration 

2. Electronics & Information Technology

3. Electric Propulsion Systems

4. Fuel Cell Systems

5. Clean Energy & Materials

Comprehensive and advanced equipments and instruments belonging to The CEAEC’s Test Laboratories serve the R&D activities of the above mentioned five departments.

CEAEC aims strategically at building a R&D platform, clustering and building up advanced engineers and scientists for clean energy automobile engineering. Furthermore, CEAEC would like to play a leading role in clean energy automobile technology in the future, and to support and promote the growth of automobile industry.

During the time period under the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Five-Year Plans, CAEAC has undertaken many national and local science and technology projects. For example, the projects of China’s 863 Program (National High-Tech Research and Development Program), 973 program (National Basic Research Program) and National Natural Science Foundation. CEAEC also provides significant technical support for the demonstration operation of clean energy shuttles in Beijing 2008 Olympics and Expo 2010 Shanghai.

CEAEC is also honored as National Fuel Cell Vehicle & Powertrain System Research & Engineering Center of Science and Technology, National Engineering Laboratory of Clean Energy Vehicle & Powertrain System of the Development and Reform Commission, Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, National Center for International Research, Sino-German Joint Research Center of Electric Vehicle, Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Electric Vehicle, Shanghai Technical Innovation Platform for Clean Energy Automotive Industry and general secretary office of China’s Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. CEAEC is also instructed to coordinate the secretary duties of International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.