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Welcome Friends

Your studies at the HECTOR School begin with a two-day welcome event. Here you will get to know your future fellow students and friends. Also during the modules, various social events are offered for networking and company visits to get insight into different companies.

Welcome to Germany 

You do not need to know German for our Master´s programs. However, if you would like to learn it, we have listed various German course providers for you. Additional German culture training and courses on how to apply in Germany are offered during your studies. If you have any questions about German culture or procedures for interviews at your future job, we will be happy to assist you.
We can also help you with questions about insurance or recommended doctors (English-speaking if necessary).

Ms. Katrin OlböterHECTOR School, KIT
Further Questions?

Ms. Katrin Olböter
Junior Manager Recruitment & Admissions

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+49 721 608 47019

Welcome to Your New Job

Here at the HECTOR School are participants from all countries around the world. Not all participants commute home between modules and still want a job to gain new experience and money. As a Technology Business School, we are closely networked with various companies and are happy to support you in finding a student assistant job between modules. Karlsruhe is the heart of the technology region and the place where many start-ups are founded. Thanks to our close connection to the KIT, we can arrange a meeting if you want to support the development of new technologies directly at the institutes (these jobs are part-time jobs and are called "Hiwi" = „Hilfswissenschaftler“ = „auxiliary scientist“). 
Please apply officially through the application portal first. As soon as you receive your admission to the Master's program, write to us at admissions does-not-exist.hectorschool com indicating the area in which you would like to work and your application number. We will then contact you to discuss possibilities.

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Admission Requirements

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