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Career paths don't just happen, we help you find yours
Cross-Qualification or Specialization

The needs of the industry are always changing, but are you evolving to meet these needs or is your career and skillset at a standstill? Do technological developments such as renewable energy, e-mobility, driver assistance systems, automation and digitalization influence your workplace?
Through our qualification programs, you will develop a new set of skills parallel to your job. Foster your potential for innovative thinking; increase your personal value to your employer and enrich your job with new professional challenges and perspectives!

CV Check

Send us your CV and our team will set up an appointment to discuss which of our qualification courses  most suits  your profile. This way you can be sure to get through the application process successfully - and to get the most out of your further education experience.

Pre-Study Mentoring

Completing an entire Master's degree program while working? Maybe even leave home with family and friends for a while? This decision must be well considered. We are here for you and your questions and to discuss possible solutions. And for a direct exchange, we are also happy to put you in touch with one of our alumni who has been in a similar situation.

High Quality and High Demand Degree

The Master's degree that you are pursuing at HECTOR School will open new doors for you in your career. You will experience the latest technology and management knowledge in a practical setting. Get ready for the next step in your career.
The Master of Science degree you receive at the HECTOR School is a Master of Science from the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, top ranked and in high demand in the industry.
In addition, this degree enables you to pursue doctoral studies upon completion.

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Master Programs

Enroll in one of six Master of Science programs.

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Admission Requirements

Find out which requirements you need in order to be admitted to our Master's programs.

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Application Procedure

Get an insight of how our application process works.