Homecoming 2023

Alumni Meeting on June 30th and July 1st 2023 in Karlsruhe

Over the course of two memorable days, our Homecoming Event showcased the achievements and advancements in technology development at the KIT, as well as provided a platform for our Alumni networking through sportive activities and lunch or dinner. 

It is our firm belief that events like these help strengthen the bond between alumni and the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management, and we are glad to see that our Alumni had a rewarding and enjoyable experience reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections.

Friday, June 30: Emerging Technologies

Friday was dedicated to business exchange and updates, with plenty of time for networking and the opportunity to learn about the latest developments from KIT's workshops and labs. 
Various excursions started at noon.


FZI – House of Living Labs

The FZI has created a cross-industry and cross-application research environment on over 2,000 square meters. We visited the FZI House of Living Labs and experienced real-life scenarios from different disciplines. 

Energy Lab 2.0

At KIT´s Campus North we experienced Europe's largest research infrastructure for renewable energy. The energy system of the future is climate neutral, smart, connected and full of innovative technologies. We got insights into the energy generation through the solar field, energy conversion with power-to-x and various batteries for energy storage. Furthermore, we explored the Smart Energy System Simulation and Control Center (SEnSiCC) which is the brain of the Energy Lab and here a digital twin of the German energy system has been created to integrate the newest technologies and move towards the goal of climate neutrality.

AI Research Factory

At the Campus East of the KIT we met the newest highlight of the wbk: The AI Research Factory. Ever shorter product life cycles and volatile markets force companies to produce high-quality products quickly with new, immature processes. Like software that is continuously developed during its application, production processes are being improved during their operation. This is what researchers of the KIT and of Fraunhofer at “The Karlsruhe Research Factory for AI-integrated Production” are working on. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they want to significantly shorten the time it takes to introduce new products to the market and save costs. We saw a hands-on approach on how to optimize processes and reduce time to market and to begin producing high-quality products earlier.


KA-RaceIng is a university group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and an international team of students. They participate in Formula Student, one of the largest international design competitions. In Formula Student, racing cars are developed and manufactured by students themselves. The team consists of almost 70 students from different disciplines. Seven different subteams (Aerodynamics, Autonomous System, Electric Drivetrain, Electronics, Suspension, Operations & Statics and Monocoque) contribute together to the success. Three students of KA-RaceIng answered all the alumni's questions and introduced us to the race car.

Speeches and Networking on Campus

In the early evening, everyone gathered back at the campus. A poster exhibition and the renovation of the campus could be visited. Afterwards, Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner gave a short impulse before Prof. Sax underlined the importance of lifelong learning and gave the alumni the opportunity to actively participate in the further development of further education formats via an interactive survey. 

All our alumni got bags as a symbol of the knowledge and experience they gained from their time at HECTOR School of Engineering and Management, as well as a reminder of the importance of lifelong learning. The bags were made out of recycled marketing materials like banners, flags, and roll-ups. These unique bags are not only eco-friendly, but they also provide employment opportunities for disabled artisans who crafted them in a workshop. (read more about the project "Eco-Friendly Bags Made from Recycled Marketing Materials" here.

The evening ended with a BBQ and networking between alumni, current students and lecturers.

Saturday, July 1: Emerging Friendships

Saturday was a day dedicated purely to networking and relaxation. Guided by a yoga teacher, we welcomed Saturday morning together. We played various games, such as Kubb ("Wikingerschach") and Frisbee and had a soccer match. The location was spacious with sunny spots and big shady trees, offering something for everyone. 

entertained Anna Brotzer, KIT
Entertaining and informative speeches
Excursions started Anna Brotzer, KIT
Various excursions started during the day
FZI Visit HECTOR School, KIT
Visit of the FZI – House of Living Labs
Energy Lab 2.0 visit HECTOR School, KIT
Visit of the Energy Lab 2.0
AI Research Factory visit HECTOR School, KIT
Visit at the AI Research Factory
KA-RaceIng at the HECTOR School Anna Brotzer, KIT
Deep conversations about the work on a race car
survey results Anna Brotzer, KIT
Lively speeches and interactive surveys
Raffle at Alumni Homecoming Anna Brotzer, KIT
Raffle of Eco-Friendly Bags
outdoor activities Anna Brotzer, KIT
Outdoor activities are fun