Cooperation with Academic Partners in China

Since 2015, the HECTOR School collaborates with the KIT China Branch in Suzhou that is operated by GAMI. In 2017, an additional cooperation was established with the AMTC and the SAS at the Tongji University Shanghai.

As China has become an integral part of the context of global manufacturing, HECTOR School offers seminars and lectures on-site in cooperation with the Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI) in Suzhou and the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center (AMTC) in Shanghai.

One of the Engineering Modules in our Master Programs Production & Operations Management and Management of Product Development, takes place in China.
Furthermore, various Certificate Courses provide professionals with state-of-the-art technology knowhow in 3- to 5-day seminars in Germany as well as at different partner institutions worldwide. The courses Quality Management & Supplier Management and Smart Manufacturing & Automation with Industry 4.0 are held in China.

Report on Experience

Production and Operations Management Module Week in Suzhou

The staff of KIT Branch China was warm welcoming the HECTOR School Master participants in Suzhou, China. After an introduction in the GAMI office located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, the participants headed to the historic center of Suzhou. This was the perfect place to get in contact with Chinese traditional culture. 

Lectures gave an impression of Quality Management and Supplier Management with a strong relation to China. The theoretical knowledge was accompanied by visits of different factories and companies in Suzhou and Shanghai. The first visit was at the office and production hall of MTU. The group got a deep insight into production processes and quality management. Next to MTU, Bosch China, Carl Zeiss China - these are all large German companies in China - the Chinese company Luzhiyao was visited.

Company visit at Carl Zeiss China


Company visit at Bosch China

Certificate Courses in ChinaCarl Benz School, KIT
Certificate Cources in China

China is becoming more and more important in the context of global manufacturing. Therefore, several teaching formats are held at the KIT China Branch in cooperation with the Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI).

Details to the Courses held in China
Master in Production & Operations Management

Design & operation of production systems and supply chain is undergoing a change which many companies recognize too late. POM teaches the necessary competences, bridging the gap between up-to-date theory and advanced technologies.

Be a Game Changer Planet Studio
Master in Management of Product Development

Product development is the driver of innovation. With the scientifically sound and practice-oriented training program for professionals, you get qualified to become the driving force for successful product innovation in your company.

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