ESADE in Barcelona, Spain

The ESADE Business School is a college and graduate school located in Spain. It is part of the Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE), the Spanish university founded in 1958 and still located in Barcelona. The university is highly ranked internationally and offers a wide range of teaching and innovation activities.

Management Module "Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship"

Participants of the M.Sc. in "Energy Engineering and Management" and in "Mobility Systems Engineering and Management" join one of their five management modules at the ESADE. This management module "Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship" sees innovation as an integrated system. Participants identify new models and concepts of knowledge production, open innovation, collaborative networks, the development of innovation networks and governance systems. Additionally, the area of corporate innovation is analyzed and participants learn about different models of innovation and strategic focus (linear models, etc.). The module provides skills to realize innovation in terms of processes, modules and organizational structures. Also important is the focus on measuring innovation, key performance indicators and performance measurement systems. Participants evaluate and generate new approaches to enable innovation in a business context and calculate the efficiency of these approaches.

Impressions about the international module at ESADE

Daniel was at the ESADE with the intake of 2013

Lecturers From Different Countries

Daniel Keller, Intake 2013: I have very fond memories, which are of course also due to the beautiful city of Barcelona. What was special about the Master's in Energy Engineering & Management was the module abroad. Our fellow students in the other modules were very envious of that. We especially learned a lot in the intercultural exchange - also with lecturers from different countries.

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Alumnus Simon at the ESADE Simon Baettig
Simon at the ESADE in Barcelona

Value Creation

Simon Baettig, Intake 2016: I especially enjoyed the value creation course by Luis Vives and the innovation course by Xavier Ferràs. Since ESADE has its own innovation-hub we were also able to interview some founders of start-up companies and have some insight in their experience which was extremely interesting. The fact that we as a group succeeded in taking advantage of the closeness that we shared over the whole Master's course still makes me happy and there is quite some feedback that helped me advance in my personality.

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A strong group grows together Marion Lang
A strong group grows together

The Environment was Great

Marion Lang, Intake 2017: The study-abroad module was one of the toughest yet ultimately one of the best modules. We all lived together, which brought us even closer as a group. We received a warm welcome at ESADE, the environment was great, and the Spanish and Catalan mentality made the time there very special.

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Beach in Barcelona Tobias Schlagenhof
Beach in Barcelona

Enjoyed the Time

Tobias Schlagenhof, Intake 2017: One highlight of the Management Modules was the Module at ESADE in Barcelona. With 10 different lectures it was very challenging, but also highly interesting. We have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, business models and leadership. Many case studies prepared us to create our own business idea and to pitch it at the end of the Module. Despite a lot of work, we had time to visit the inner city of Barcelona with the worldwide unique buildings from Antoni Gaudi and we enjoyed the time on the beautiful beach.

Master in Energy Engineering and Management

The energy transition is associated with many challenges which require special skills and knowledge. Energy Engineering and Management covers all these aspects providing the skills to successfully face the evolving working environment.

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Master in Mobility Systems Engineering &
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

Processes, methods and tools to solve the challenges of future mobility in e-drive, autonomous driving, communication-over-the-air, and worldwide release & configuration management are introduced in regards to engineering and management.

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