MBA Fundamentals Program

For doctoral researchers of natural sciences and engineering.
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Base for Industry Entry and Further Academic Progress

This tailor-made MBA Fundamentals Program is especially designed for doctoral researchers of natural sciences and engineering: While still working towards their thesis it equips them with the ability to connect their current research with advanced management expertise to face todays challenges. Furthermore, it forms a strong base for industry entry and further academic progress.

Scientific Methods

Go above and beyond the normal graduate programs with the MBA Fundamentals Program. For a successful start in life in industry, many employers are searching for candidates with management expertise. Through the MBA Fundamentals Program, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers benefit from knowledge on management topics at an early stage of their career, conveyed in scientific methods that are easily accessible to engineers and natural scientists. Participants acquire additional management qualification, thereby fostering further career options.  

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Three possible routes for the KIT Certificate

Drei Wege zum MBA GrafikHECTOR School, KIT

The flexible choice of the unit order permits different models of completing the program. Our advice is to do all six out of seven units during the three years of your doctoral research period. Additionally, it is also possible to complete the MBA Fundamentals Program after finishing your doctorate, while working in the industry. 

Personal benefits

  • Specifically tailored to researchers of natural/engineering sciences
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Enhance your career opportunities in useful business subjects alongside your research
  • Perfect stepping stone for a career outside academia

Structural Benefits

  • Great opportunity to network with other young researchers
  • Professional management training in highly relevant topics
  • Certificate of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Individual start without application deadline

Key Facts

  • For doctoral researchers and post-doctoral researchers
  • Dedicated to engineers, and natural scientists
  • Language of instruction is English
  • Six out of seven units, each five days (Total: 30 days with 18 ECTS points)
  • No application deadline, individual start possible
  • Completion during doctoral research or partly on the job
  • Cost per unit: 2,100 EUR (from 1st October 2024: 2,750 EUR)

Learning Nuggets

  • Gain knowledge of project management and its tools as well as project planning
  • Understand accounting practices and principles of financing & business ethics
  • Learn about marketing strategies, decision analysis and how to deal with multiple divisions in a company 
  • Understand how to build and guide your team
  • Learn about start-up strategies and patents
  • Discover the hidden potential of digital transformation
  • Understand challenges companies are facing today i.e. in  Supply Chain Management 

Application Process

Please contact us first via the inquiry form or your direct contact person at one of the partner universities.
After that, fill out an application form for the subsequent binding registration and send it back to us together with your curriculum vitae and the acceptance at faculty/supervision agreement.

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