One step further toward autonomous public transportation

Segway Event HECTOR School, KIT
HECTOR School Student on a Segway

We are on a roadmap to automated mobility. Until we are completely autonomous in maybe 10 years, Program Director Prof. Sax is working on an intermediate step: platooning is the magic word. There is a human driver in the front vehicle, and the rear vehicle follows. For this to work, a complicated process must be implemented. Challenges include the data stream that is sent to the rear vehicle. This additionally needs sensor technology to ensure safety at close range - and identification points of the front vehicle so that it can follow. In Engineering Module 4 of the M.Sc. in Mobility Systems Engineering and Management, participants build their own platoon vehicle. The pioneering project in Berlin will be tested next year and hit the road in 2023. How fast do you think you would be in implementing it?
Here is (the German) publication to bus platooning in Berlin.

Master in Mobility Systems Engineering &
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

Processes, methods and tools to solve the challenges of future mobility in e-drive, autonomous driving, communication-over-the-air, and worldwide release & configuration management are introduced in regards to engineering and management.

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