Recruiting, Retention, Re-Qualification

Strong and valuable Instrument for HR and Operating Departments
Recruiting, retention, and re-qualification HECTOR School, KIT
Recruiting, retention, and re-qualification intertwine

Our 3-R (Recuiting, Retention, Re-Qualification) program enables our industry partners to

  • Diversify employees according to their needs and skills
  • Close the gap of missing qualifications and know-how
  • Foster your most valuable employees
  • Shape departments and projects with the right people
  • Keep the valued experience within the company
  • Transfer knowledge from a top university and create innovation

New Recruiting Channel

The first “R” of the 3-R strategy aims on strategic national and international professional recruiting.
Particularly noteworthy is the Master@YourCompany program: Potential applicants are offered an extra-occupational Master‘s degree combined with career entry and targeted career development.

Acquire the qualified engineers you need: We are happy to present you an exemplary time and cost plan and review how it could be applicable for your company.

Advanced Ways of Retention

With the second “R” you are enabled to optimize the retention rate of your experienced employees. Foster the most valuable employees and retain highly qualified talent through targeted promotion - and create an inspiring momentum of motivation!

Qualification areas are:

  • Digitalization
  • Agile and scrum methods
  • IoT and industry 4.0
  • AI and robotics
  • Product and innovation development
  • Energy generation, storage and distribution
  • Strategic management within HR and finance

Refine professional experience by high-level academic qualification: Please ask us for the different formats and contents and how they can meet your demands.

Close Qualification Gaps

With the third “R” like Re-Qualification you are enabled to set up the change process e.g. in digitalization or e-mobility for individuals, teams, and whole departments. For example: Enhance your products with digital services or build up experts in renewables or e-mobility by transferring knowledge from a top research university.

Experience is valuable - keep and maintain it in your company: Contact us, we are pleased to assist in your change process providing an examplary approach that can be customized to your company’s needs.

Industry Impulse
Industry Impulse
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