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Logistics HECTOR School, KIT

Logistics always looks to the future

Logistics provides the components for a product that will be created, ensures that increasing sales can be served, and must be replanned today if changes in the supply chains are imminent tomorrow. With a part-time Master´s program in Production and Operations Management, you will help shape the future.

Supply Chain HECTOR School, KIT

The Norm for a Supply Chain: Be It All – And Be Resilient

A supply chain should be digital, in the cloud, omnichannel, transparent, scalable, sustainable, and agile – and first of all and involving it all: a resilient supply chain. Why? Because: One trend is toward decentralization; the next, caused by border restrictions and trade wars, the call for a centralization is loud again. In order not to get stuck in the same place because of all the steps back and forth, participants of the part-time Master's program Production and Operations Management learn to set the framework that cannot be affected by these movements.

Automation HECTOR School, KIT

Automation in Logistics, Manufacturing and Production

With the entry into the age of industry 4.0 and the ambition of an automated and digitalized production, not only components, machines and factories have been networked with one another, but also the competences of classical engineering sciences and IT have been connected. In order to find and build holistic solutions for future challenges in this environment, we have developed the part-time Master's program Production and Operations Management.

Supply Chain Management HECTOR School, KIT

Supply Chain Management as Value Creation Process

In contrary to logistics, supply chain management has a cross-company view on all business processes. This includes the control, monitoring, review and optimization of areas such as purchasing, engineering, production, distribution, marketing, controlling and warehousing, and thus the entire value creation process. In the M. Sc. in Production and Operations Management, you will learn how changes in mobility, digitalization, urbanization, globalization or connectivity affect supply chain management.


Be Resilient With Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM combines software and strategy in an enterprise-wide approach to managing and controlling all product data and processes. It thus encompasses the entire product lifecycle along an extended logistics chain. The advancing digitalization is a great support. For example, Digital Thread can centrally support the product development process and increase development productivity. But a PLM must also withstand the demands of increasingly faster innovation cycles and requirements of an industry 4.0. Participants of the M. Sc. in Production and Operations Management learn how this can be done.

Made in China HECTOR School, KIT

“Made in China” – An Upward Trend? 

China: The land of contrasts has also changed the direction of the meaning of the "Made in China" sign. It is no longer a sign of poor quality, but rather a sign of ambitious and innovative technological developments in one of the world's largest markets. On the other hand, does this mean that "Made in Germany" is no longer a guarantee for a top seller? Participants of our M. Sc. in Production and Operations Management travel to China for one module to experience the development and production conditions on site.

Global Production HECTOR School, KIT

Challenge of Global Production Solved Sustainably

Global production is where all the challenges of manufacturing companies come together: Fast-moving markets, global competition, overlapping quality requirements, pandemics, trade conflicts, fluctuating orders. Participants in the part-time continuing education master learn to build an agile organizational and process structure that actively adapts in the relevant areas and is thus strong in the face of external influences.

Digital Twin HECTOR School, KIT

Digital Twin: Be sure it represents reality

Digital representation of a production environment is an important part of predictive analytics - but it is not yet a digital twin, because production manufacturing is not yet complete. Even later, when components are replaced, this must be adjusted in the digital twin and the results fed back into development to realize the entire system lifecycle. The prerequisite for this is a flexible and dynamic data model - but does this contradict the desire for rapid deployment in the company and ease of use? Can an incompletely implemented digital twin be more danger than solution? Do you already have an expert opinion on this or do you want to develop one in the part-time Master's program Production and Operations Management?

Industrial IOT HECTOR School, KIT

Industrial Internet of Things: Central Element for Connectivity

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) seems to be the universal solution for nearly all industries - and for all areas. There are positive examples of applications in the sustainable optimization of the value chain and internal processes, the monitoring of processes, and even the enabling of new business models and products. IIoT helps to cope with current challenges more efficiently and is relevant for any size of company. What has an impact on so many areas must be implemented by someone who can think in a comprehensive and networked way. That's why participants of the executive Master's program Production and Operations Management come from different disciplines, industries and countries. 

Carbon Free HECTOR School, KIT

Net-Zero Emission Hero With Carbon-Free Production

Carbon-free production is an important step toward the overarching zero emissions goal. It includes manufacturing as well as energy reduction and the use of renewable energies, offsetting unavoidable emissions and to a large extent digitalization (with a sustainable view to the energy to be used here as well) in the factory - but also of internal structures. Become a net-zero emission hero and continue your education in the part-time Master's program Production and Operations Management to push carbon-free production and more also in your company.
Master in Production & Operations Management

Design & operation of production systems and supply chain is undergoing a change which many companies recognize too late. POM teaches the necessary competences, bridging the gap between up-to-date theory and advanced technologies.

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