Report on Experience

China modules in Shanghai and Suzhou

The China modules normally begin in one of the two cities, either in Shanghai or Suzhou. The students will be picked up from the Pudong airport in several groups and taken to their hotels in Shanghai or Suzhou. 

One Week in Shanghai

Lecture Yaxian Liu
Prof. Fleischer at the Tongji University in Shanghai
BenBang Cai Yaxian Liu
Experiencing BenBang Cai

Prof. Fleischer held an EM5 lecture for the Management of Product/ Production & Operations Management Students in Shanghai Tongji University. In China, HECTOR School will not only arrange the lectures and workshops for the students, but will also organize different cultural events, i.e. food culture is a big part of Chinese traditional culture. Prof. Fleischer kindly invited HECTOR School the students to their first dinner in a local restaurant during the EM5 in Shanghai. The students were able to experience BenBang Cai, authentic Shanghai cuisine.

One Week in Suzhou

smart manufacturing Yaxian Liu
Industry 4.0 demonstration and innovation center
Lecture Yaxian Liu
Lectures and workshops

In Suzhou, HECTOR School students had the lectures and workshops like the Shanghai week. Additionally, GAMI offered the students the unique chance to experience the Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center in the field of smart manufacturing. 

Basketball Yaxian Liu
Playing basketball
Field Trip Yaxian Liu
Humble Administrator' Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
dinner Yaxian Liu
Enjoying Chinese cuisine
Karaoke Yaxian Liu
Having fun at the karaoke bar

In between, the HECTOR School students had the chance to do sports i.e. playing basketball with local university students or having a field trip to the Humble Administrator‘ Garden, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, to experience the Suzhou ancient architecture, or showing their singing talent in KTV.
Master in Production & Operations Management

Design & operation of production systems and supply chain is undergoing a change which many companies recognize too late. POM teaches the necessary competences, bridging the gap between up-to-date theory and advanced technologies.

Be a Game Changer Planet Studio
Master in Management of Product Development

Product development is the driver of innovation. With the scientifically sound and practice-oriented training program for professionals, you get qualified to become the driving force for successful product innovation in your company.

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