Interview with Simon Baettig

Simon works at ewz in Zurich and studied Energy Engineering and Management with the Intake of 2016. Here we asked him about his experience in the international module at ESADE in Barcelona.

Did the International Module at ESADE Meet Your Expectation?

It absolulely did. The program was tailor-made for us, the reference to energy topics was made very often. We had very renowned professors that taught us almost 1:1. Most of those professors teach courses in the eMBA-program at ESADE and the level of expertise is very high and the style of teaching is phenomenal. The way the course was structured is that we had to work on a case study based on our own business idea. The lessons gave input for the elaboration of that idea using the methods of design thinking. The course was very intense, not only from the workload but also regarding group dynamics. We organized a house for the whole group close to ESADE and we spent together every day all day (there even was a three course lunch provided by ESADE every day). We used that situation even besides the classes to organize feedback sessions and sharpen our self-concepts.

Alumnus Simon at the ESADE Simon Baettig
Simon at the ESADE in Barcelona

Is There Something in Particular You Learned During the Module You Can Share?

I especially enjoyed the value creation course by Luis Vives and the innovation course by Xavier Ferràs. Since ESADE has its own innovation-hub we were also able to interview some founders of start-up companies and have some insight in their experience which was extremely interesting. The fact that we as a group succeeded in taking advantage of the closeness that we shared over the whole Master's course still makes me happy and there is quite some feedback that helped me advance in my personality.

Barcelona at night Simon Baettig
Enjoyed the Catalan cuisine and the nightlife of Barcelona

What Was Your Favorite Place in Barcelona/at the ESADE?

Unfortunately when we stayed in Barcelona in the fall of 2017, the Catalan crisis was peaking. It didn't affect us as much as the news coverage in the rest of Europe indicated. But still we weren't able to enjoy the city to its fullest, it just didn't feel right. Nevertheless, some of us were able to visit a game of FC Barcelona at Bernabeu and our house was situated in the proximity to some of the villas of the Barça stars, very fancy! On the weekends we also enjoyed the Catalan cuisine and the nightlife of that beautiful city.
The ESADE campus itself is situated off the city center in a quiet neighborhood.

Is There Something Else, You Want to Mention?

Thanks again for the opportunity to experience courses in a world-class university!

FC Barcelona at Bernabeu Simon Baettig
Visit of a game of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou
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