Smart Manufacturing & Automation with Industry 4.0

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The trend towards industrial automation and Industry 4.0 will change production significantly in the future. Therefore it is imperative to understand basic principles of automation and Industry 4.0 to meet the challenges facing production in the future. The certificate course Smart Manufacturing & Automation with Industry 4.0 addresses on one hand the current state of the art in smart automation and on the other hand provides an outlook on new technologies, businesses and opportunities arising out of digitalization, use of smart devices and in conclusion in Industry 4.0. The concerted objective of the lecture is the basic knowledge for smart automation and Industry 4.0 within production.


  • Introduction to Automated Production Systems

  • Sensors, Controls and Drive Technology

  • Handling Systems and Industrial Robots
  • Automated Quality Control
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Technology
  • Multi Machine Systems
  • Design and planning of automated production facilities
  • Use Cases: Industry 4.0 in Industry

Learning Targets

In this certificate course participants will be able to analyze implemented automated manufacturing systems and describe their components. They will also be able to design and select components for a given use case of the categories: Handling Technology, Industrial Robotics, Sensors, and Controls.


We expect participants to have a first University Degree (Bachelor or equivalent) and recommend a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the specific field of the course.

Registration & Organizational Details

  • Format: On-Campus
  • Group size: The course is bookable for a group of minimum 5 people and a maximum of 15 people
  • Costs: 4.025 EUR per participant. (Costs include lecture materials, all transfers, lunch breaks & social events) Please ask us for a special company and alumni rates

For individual scheduling of this 5-day certificate course especially for your company please contact our program consultants.

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