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The expectations towards executives and project managers responsible for technology development and management are continuously growing. They are supposed to deliver more innovative products and services that create unique customer value and higher profits for the organization within a shorter period of time. Moreover, executives have to work in an increasingly complex environment subject to drastic changes. The HECTOR School enables Human resources departments and responsible managers to strengthen skills and expertise based on a professional life-long learning strategy.

Facts and Figures about our Master of Science Programs

  • Graduation rate: 95%
  • Age at admission: Ø 28
  • Professional experience (Ø Intakes 2016 – 2019): ~ 3 years
  • Academic background of our participants:
    • University 54%
    • Dual Education System 27%
    • University of Applied Science/Academy 19%
  • Degree of latest graduation of our participants:
    • Bachelor 76.0%
    • Diploma 20.1%
    • Master 3.5%
    • Ph.D. 0.4%
  • Some of our Master´s programs have a module abroad
  • Students come from 33 different countries
    • Top Countries: Germany, India, China, Brazil, Mexico
  • Our top assets:
    • Powerful network, technology expertise, excellence university, part-time programs, continuous education, excellent executive education through MBA style management modules, worldwide recognition, lifelong learning, strategic personnel development
  • Our core competencies:
    • Product innovation, logistics, energy, automotive, finance and information systems technology

Consider career opportunities induced by developments like digitalization, sustainability and artificial intelligence in production, logistics, mobility, energy, finance and IT. Enroll in one of these six Master of Science programs, designed in close cooperation with the industry, that represent a perfect match for ambitious engineers, computer scientists, and economists.

Master in Energy Engineering and Management

The energy transition is associated with many challenges which require special skills and knowledge. Energy Engineering and Management covers all these aspects providing the skills to successfully face the evolving working environment.

Brighten Your Career
Master in Financial Engineering


Fast-evolving financial markets constantly set new challenges while progress in quantitative tools and computer technology open up entirely new opportunities. Financial Engineering qualifies graduates to meet all these needs.

Develop your Assets
Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

Rapidly evolving information technologies drive the digital transformation of products, services, and organizations. Successful enablers of digital transformation require a profound understanding and integration of business and information technology.

Be the next Enabler
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Master in Management of Product Development

Product development is the driver of innovation. With this scientifically sound and practice-oriented training program, you will be qualified to become the driving force for successful product innovation in your company.

Set the Agenda
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & ManagementiStock.com/nadla
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

This program introduces processes, methods and tools to solve the current and future challenges of e-mobility, autonomous driving, communication-over-the-air, and worldwide release & configuration management.

Be the Prime Mover
Master in Production & Operations Management

Design & operation of production systems and supply chains is undergoing a change which many companies recognize too late. Students of Production & Operations Management learn to encounter the challenge of striving for global optimum of the value creating chain through up-to-date theory and advanced technologies.

Be a Game Changer
Martina Waldner HECTOR School, KIT

If you have any inquiries regarding our programs, the application process and more, our Program Consultants are happy to help.

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