Sustainable Product Development

Sustainable Product Development Certificate Course maeching-chaiwongwatthana/

Create your path to sustainability with the workshop "Sustainable Product Development". You will learn to define, plan and anchor sustainability in your company and production process to ultimately develop sustainable products.

Day 1: Defining and Planning Sustainability

  • Defining and planning of sustainability
  • Dimensions of sustainability
  • Circular economy as a central concept, including paths of products and systems in a circular economy
  • Scenario-based development of sustainable products: Identification, future robustness and prioritization of potentials of sustainability
  • Definition of sustainability in the development process from product profiles to technical implementation

Day 2:  Designing Sustainable Products

  • Presentation and evaluation of sustainable products:
    • in the market (e.g. based on Kano model).
    • criteria & existing approaches for measuring the sustainability of solution concepts and implementations; also: external certification possibilities, also beyond LCA
    • Internal tracking of target achievement of sustainable products
  • Selection of material and its impact in the development process 
  • Challenges in the use of sustainable materials and current solution and research approaches
  • Existing approaches, challenges and examples of "design-for-sustainability" 
  • Perspectives of sustainable product design


We expect participants to have a first University Degree (Bachelor or equivalent) and recommend a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the specific field of the course.

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