No-Nos Within the Job Application

There is no second chance for the first impression

There are a lot of no-nos regarding the job application process. See most common ones and try to avoid them:


1. Written Application:

  • Grammar mistakes in your application
  • Salutations like Ma´m, Mam, Madam in the email
  • Not writing the concrete name of the contact person (especially if you have the name)
  • Put the wrong date in the application documents
  • Forget your signature
  • Copies of your certificates in a poor quality

2. Job Interview:

  • Being too late
  • Being unprepared
  • Forgetting the names of the interviewers
  • Do not have enough time/be in a hurry
  • Do not show interest and motivation to work for the company
  • Wearing the wrong clothes (e.g. too casual). Our tip: take a look at their webpage and how they present themselves. Be a little more formal.
  • Do not hear someone out
  • React too emotional or without any passion regarding the job (find a professional way)