Open House Day 2021

Interested students got insights into the campus and the study programs at the Open House Day. HECTOR School´s lecturer Professor Terzidis and Alumni Michael Müller were invited to give first-hand insights.

The event started with a video Campus Tour, in which the HECTOR School staff introduced themselves and showed the most important places in and around the campus.
Next, the six HECTOR School Master's programs were presented and explained in detail.

Developing Entrepreneurial Competence

Professor Terzidis, HECTOR School´s lecturer of the Management Module “Innovation & Projects”, gave an Innovation Talk. He explained that developing entrepreneurial competence is not only important for those willing to found or work at a start-up! Because knowledge and direct experience with innovation projects are as important for “intrapreneurship”, meaning innovations in well-established companies.
He builds this entrepreneur mindset in HECTOR School´s participants by “action learning”: step-by-step guidance on how to use new technology is given to the participants and then they work on a project in teams of 4-5 people. Afterward, the teams perform their results and reflect on them with the whole group. Terzidis said: “This is a powerful way to get hands-on experience on content that is important for the next generation.”

Prof. Terzidis KIT
Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) HECTOR School Professor for MM “Innovation & Projects”

HECTOR School´s Teaching Approach

HECTOR School´s alumni Michael Müller of Intake 2017 shared some of his exciting memories as well as the learnings of his time at HECTOR School.
He particularly emphasized the HECTOR School´s approach to teaching: the focus is not on learning by heard but on understanding complexity and contexts. For him, this is what is important for life and career!  Because this ensures that participants create a big picture in their head by connecting new things to already known and experienced knowledge. So one will later be able to deep dive into it and link it with what is currently happening at your company.
He also talked about time management – which is a big topic when studying at HECTOR School while working full-time and gave tips on how to successfully manage both.

Portait Michael Mueller HECTOR School, KIT
Michael Müller Head of Product Engineering & Development at WMF. HECTOR School Intake of 2017, Information Systems Engineering and Management

Q&A Session

During the Q&A session, Professor Terzidis was asked what he likes about teaching at HECTOR School.  His answer was simple: the audience!
Teaching people that are already in a professional environment is the most challenging audience for teaching because they know what it is about, they are ready for absorbing knowledge and they can critical think through being very grounded in their work. This makes a diverse, interesting, and demanding group of students. Moreover, Michael highlighted these are fellow students!
So interconnecting with them through social events is not just fun but furthermore important for understanding the world and private development.