Interview with Samantha Butz

We asked Samantha Butz four questions concerning her experience with the HECTOR School and her professional life.

Why did you decide on an extra-occupational master's program?

Since I completed my bachelor's degree as a full-time student, I have lacked the practical experience both on my CV and with regard to my personal development.
I earned a bachelor’s degree in International Business and thus had no relation to technology. Through theory and practice, I am now more effectively trained for this industry and can reorient myself accordingly.
What do you like particularly well about your chosen degree program and the university?

It was important for me to concentrate 100% on practice and my studies. Thanks to the block phases offered by the HECTOR School, I can be fully involved in both the project and the university. In terms of content, I like the general insight into all the important management methods of a company and the insight into relevant tech solutions on the market (University Modules in Management/Information Technology).
In which area do you work at IBM and what do you enjoy the most in practice?

I am part of the Global Business Services ("Cognitive Business Decisions Support" service line), where I can educate myself further and unfold my talents, especially in the context of customer projects in data science and in front-end development. On the other hand, while working practical projects, I experience constant interaction with the customer.
Up until now, what has been your highlight at Master@IBM?

My highlight at Master@IBM is my personal experience of success, that I have gained profound technical understanding despite my Business Administration bachelor’s degree. Thus, after only one year of studying at the Master@IBM program, I am able to develop IT solutions - thanks to a high level of responsibility in projects, further education, certification in Python & JavaScript and the theoretical insight at KIT.

Samantha Butz, IBM Global Business Services – Cognitive Business Decisions Support HECTOR School, KIT
Samantha Butz, IBM Global Business Services – Cognitive Business Decisions Support
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The Master@IBM program enables participants to continue their academic education towards a master’s degree, while gaining professional experience and working part-time for IBM at the same time.

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