Applying for a Job in Germany

Showing your self-initiative from the beginning

Introduction: Learn how to go through an application process in Germany successfully. The following article is article no. one within a series of four articles about job applications in Germany.

As a young professional with (first) work experience and a (future) Master’s degree, this article will give you first insights on how the application process in Germany looks like.

Firstly, German employers are expecting self-initiative - and this starts with the search for a suitable job. This means you have to look actively for suitable job positions. Finding a job that fits your skills and where you have an idea about the tasks and functions you would like to perform. In this case, you can use keywords about your desired job in order to find job positions in job portals. We also have listed helpful job portals and career events on our HECTOR School webpage within the section „Jobs and Internships“. If you already have a certain company in mind, you can also look directly on their career pages for more information about current job offerings.

In Germany, a complete application includes a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and attachments such as references and certificates. If your references and certificates are from abroad, in most cases they are accepted in English as well. Start with your search for job positions approximately about 3-4 months in advance and note if there is an entry date written in the job description.

One of the most important aspects employers are looking for in an application is the practical experience. Hence, it is very helpful  if you already have a couple of years of relevant work experience. Moreover, internships during your studies can show your high motivation.

Although the global business language is English, in many companies in Germany the commonly spoken language is German. Therefore, German language skills will increase your successful career start in Germany. So why not start with a German course today? (Here is a list of courses and possibilities how to learn German)

As a participant of the HECTOR School Master’s program, you can do internships or student jobs in the respective industry or you can take the opportunity to look for an entry position in combination with your Master Thesis or for Masters Graduates (e.g. trainee positions).

If you are a foreigner and want to get a job in Germany, you may need a work permit. In this case, please contact the relevant authorities for more information. Here are some helpful addresses:

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees 
Make it in Germany (incl. guide "Working in Germany")
Central Placement Service for Foreigners and Specialists (ZAV) of the Employment Agency
EURES - The European Job Mobility Portal
Blue card
Welcome Center of the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe

Regarding your status, please note: If you are a participant at the HECTOR School Master´s Programs, you will be enrolled as a full-time KIT student.

Good luck!