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Mobility of the Future: electrically, networked, autonomously!

The mobility of the future is electric, networked and autonomous. Are you an expert who wants to broaden your knowledge of the latest technology, trends and markets on electric drives, digital networking and equipment, as well as assistance systems?

The HECTOR School - the Technology Business School of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) offers participants cross-system expertise in their part-time English-language Master's Program "Mobility Systems Engineering & Management".

Whether engine performance, traffic congestion warning or targeted airbag control - sensors monitor and control an enormous number of areas in today's vehicles. The faultless functioning of the sensors is in turn based on more than 100 million lines of digital program codes. With the increasing networking of vehicles with each other and the growing possibilities of environment detection, this will grow to 200 to 300 million program lines in the near future. According to the forecasts of leading economic experts, the market for electronic components and the software used in them is expected to grow by 97% in the automotive industry.

In addition, according to the latest estimates, the volume of trade for advanced driver assistance systems will grow from 40,000 million US-dollars today to 190,000 million US-dollars in 2026, with an annual increase of 21%. The trend is driven by the goal of realizing autonomous driving in both passenger and freight traffic.

Also, more rigorous environmental standards can only be achieved through new technology. For example, the European Union requires that truck emissions must be cut by at least 15% CO2 by 2029 and beyond that, by 30% less compared to 2019. Experts anticipate that this, and the increasing electrification of all vehicle types, will additionally reduce fine particulate matter pollution by 40%.

The technical knowledge and market-economy expertise on these topics is provided in the part-time English-language Master's Program "Mobility Systems Engineering & Management" - with a specialization in "E-Mobility" or "Advanced Driver Assistance Systems". Participants earn a Master of Science Degree.

Did you know that 76% of all top managers in Europe have a Master's Degree? A Master´s Program at the HECTOR School is a chance to intensively educate yourself while on the job and, at the same time, advance professionally.

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  Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Managementmetamorworks
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

Processes, methods and tools for the challenges of future mobility in e-drive, autonomous driving, communication-over-the-air, and worldwide release & configuration management are introduced on the engineering as well as on the management side.

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