Heavy Traffic will Increase

"In the next few years, heavy traffic will increase by 10 to 30%", says HECTOR School Program Director Prof. Eric Sax in the (German) PM article "Schwer unter Strom". This is your chance: Educate yourself in Energy and Mobility and shape the future! What is more viable and future-orientated? E-battery, overhead lines, fuel cell with hydrogen - or a technology mix?

Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & ManagementiStock.com/nadla
Master in Mobility Systems Engineering & Management

Processes, methods and tools to solve the challenges of future mobility in e-drive, autonomous driving, communication-over-the-air, and worldwide release & configuration management are introduced in regards to engineering and management.

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Master in Energy Engineering and Management

The energy transition is associated with many challenges which require special skills and knowledge. Energy Engineering and Management covers all these aspects providing the skills to successfully face the evolving working environment.

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