Specialization Autonomous Robotics

Digital Transformation through designing, creating and controlling autonomous robots in a production or logistics context

Autonomous Robotics HECTOR School, KIT
Stationary Robots

Week one has the focus on stationary robots. After two days of general information about robot operation and robot system, students will have a three-day hands-on practical experience. In a group of three participants they get their own robot and learn all the steps required for starting up the robot and moving it. A programming tablet enables them to dive into the practical experience of the three-dimensional robot operating. Then, they will be provided with the essential information about robot programming and gain insights into working at Expert level (using variables, arrays and structures and KLR, KUKA Robot Language). Participants will learn how to transfer coding into robot operations. All of our students have especially enjoyed the creative experience to program a game and see how their robot is performing through their programming.

Autonomous RoboticsHECTOR School, KIT
Autonomous RoboticsHECTOR School, KIT
Autonomous Systems

In the second week, the students get to know autonomous systems by working hands-on with a set of model robots to create their own material flow system. They learn how to program robots using the Robot Operating System (ROS) and how autonomous systems can perceive their environment. Robots programmed in ROS are the current state of research and become more and more relevant in industrial use cases. Within these lectures, the students get an insight in how autonomous robots can be used and how they are able to interact with other participants in the system. They learn how hardware and sensors behave in a real environment while programming model conveyors, robot arms and freely navigating autonomous mobile robots.

Autonomous Robotics HECTOR School, KIT
Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

Rapidly evolving information technologies drive the digital transformation of products, services, and organizations. Successful enablers of digital transformation require a profound understanding and integration of business and information technology.

Be the next Enabler
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Specialization Digital Services

Interested in globalization capabilities, availability of “Big Data” and AI-based analytics and the connection via of service systems? Find out more about the Specialization "Digital Services" in the Master´s program Information Systems Engineering and Management.

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