Specialization Digital Services

Globalization capabilities, availability of “Big Data” and AI-based analytics and the connection via of service systems

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Digital Services

Digitization continues to advance. At the same time, service-oriented work and associated services are becoming increasingly important. The Digital Services specialization combines these two essential components of a modern company. 
In this module, students are taught knowledge about the strategic use, design, development and management of digital services. The module provides the fundamental understandings as well as the methods for building and innovatively expanding a company's digital services. Both the use of Big Data and artificial intelligence play an important role here. But not only theoretical skills are taught in this module. Practical exercise on the challenge in the field of service innovation is also part of the Specialization. 


Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

Rapidly evolving information technologies drive the digital transformation of products, services, and organizations. Successful enablers of digital transformation require a profound understanding and integration of business and information technology.

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