Interview with Andreas Reiser

Please tell us who you are.

I am an engineer, as probably most of you are. During my time in Karlsruhe I was part of the Hectorians. We all were very motivated to make a notable professional career and we were willing to give a lot: We had a tough job to manage and were studying without compromises at the same time. Today I am an entrepreneur and founder of Lion Innovation GmbH, an innovation consultancy. We support all sorts of companies in the automotive industry, medium-sized enterprises as well as, e.g. BMW, in innovating their products. Together we identify their innovation potential and make it happen. I really enjoy working in this challenging and fast moving environment.

How did you hear about the HECTOR School of Engineering?

I initially planned to do an MBA after having finished my international trainee program. However, my HR responsible suggested the Master Programs at the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management. When I learned about the program setup, I was convinced this would be the right option to extend my skills in Production and Operations Management External Link.

In which way does your study at the HECTOR School have an effect on your career?

When I started my studies at the HECTOR School, I was not sure how to handle the workload. But as I progressed I learned to cope with the challenge. Most importantly, I learned that tasks seeming huge at the beginning become manageable once you are in the middle of it. I learned not to give up. Besides, it was a great opportunity to build up a new and very valuable network. When I founded Lion Innovation, I got important feedback from some of my former class mates. One of them is supporting the company as an expert for international innovation concerns. So HECTOR does not only have a professional influence but also a personal one: I made friends with some of the people I met there.

Where do you want to go in the future?

My goal is to grow Lion Innovation into an internationally operating business. And I want to have time for living with my family and friends.

Is there something you would like to tell potential students of the HECTOR School?

The HECTOR School is a great place to be. It is international and lectures are of good quality. Even though it is hard work, you will personally grow with the challenge. So simply do it.

Andreas Reiser, Project Manager for Development Projects at Schaeffler
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