Interview with Andreas Wachowsky

How did you hear about the HECTOR School of Engineering?

During my studies, I spent time at the Universität Karlsruhe (TH) (now KIT) and knew already then I would want to perform executive studies after a few years of experience. I was informed later via Alumni emails about the creation of the HECTOR School. I could not enroll in one of the first years, but right from the start, the mixture of engineering and management modules sounded appealing to me. Furthermore, the strict separation of work and study periods seemed easier to accommodate than studying in parallel to an already demanding job.
I knew I wanted to participate, and I was happy to having found an opportunity and being accepted to the program in 2008.

In which way does your study at the HECTOR School have an effect on your career?

I am always eager to learn, and each two-week module provided the opportunity for an intense “brain workout”. The program really shows how far you can go if you push yourself and like a challenge. In addition, working with fellow students on group assignments, or just exchanging stories in the free time helps you to broaden your horizon, to gain insight into various industries and to foster appreciation and respect for the multitude of talents out there.
When your career progresses, you will eventually have to deal with departments unrelated to your core knowledge, and the studies at HECTOR School certainly prepare you for that.

Where do you want to go in the future?

I have started as a highly specialised software developer and subsequently broadened my view to software quality assurance and now a complete software development and IT department. I enjoy being in the software development field and, in this area, hope to be able to focus even more on the people and leadership aspects.

Is there something you would like to tell potential students of the HECTOR School?

The HECTOR School program is not by itself a guarantee to success, but it is a very good base to build from. Keep learning, keep pushing yourself, find out what really matters to you, then go for it.

HECTOR School Alumnus HECTOR School, KIT
Andreas Wachowski, responsible for the technology of the XING Events GmbH, a subsidiary of the XING AG. Find out more:
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