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Prof. Dr. Alexander Maedche

Prof. Dr. Alexander Maedche is the Program Director of M.Sc. Information Systems Engineering & Management at HECTOR School.

Digital Transformation Has Long Since Ceased to Be a Buzzword

On 20th August 2019 the internet magazine “Internet of Things” issued an interview of Prof. Dr. Maedche.

Prof. Dr. Maedche is a well-known expert in the field of Informational Engineering and Management, Professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and also Program Director of the new Master of Information System Engineering and Management (ISEM) at the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management. The Master program ISEM offers a sublime combination of Engineering and Management modules in relation to the reality of business and industry. In this article, the reader can not only gain an impression of what to expect from the new study program but can also receive insight into the meaning of digital transformation for the industry and for future specialists and executives.


Broad Audience Group


Firstly, Prof. Dr. Maedche adresses who the target audience for this Master’s degree is. The degree aims at all the young specialists and future executives of different industry sectors that are affected by the digital transformation. Such business branches are, for example, automotive sector, financial provider, and the health sector. Furthermore, employees occupying various positions as mechanical and electrical engineers, logistics, IT-consultants, marketing managers and project directors benefit from a degree in Information System Engineering and Management.  


Becoming an Enabler of the Digital Transformation


Secondly, Prof. Dr. Maedche addresses the goals of the Master’s program. Those are not only diverse but also cover several branches affected by the digitalization. Participants of Information System Engineering and Management learn about new developments and trends in the area of information and communication technologies and how to transfer those to the factual reality of the industry. The intersection between economy and computer science is of great importance and so is the update of expertise in such areas as finances, marketing, leadership and project management. Digital security, software engineering, privacy and artificial intelligence regarding the overarching relevance of digitalization are also a prime concern of the Master’s degree. The extensive coverage of those topics operates as a preparation of the participants for their future leadership roles and the takeover of the position as a digital transformation implementer.

Another issue debated by Prof. Dr. Maedche in this interview is the reason why the HECTOR School and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) decided to offer such a degree. To begin with, the major goal of an increase in productivity and efficiency is what drives the development behind digital transformation. A sophisticated application of digitalization enhances both internal and external company processes. Moreover, modern companies are in dire need of employees who are capable of connecting the realms of computer and economic science. With Information System Engineering and Management, businesses can promote those qualifications in their employees.


Specialization in Digital Services and Autonomous Robotics


Finally, Prof. Dr. Maedche covers the specialization options in this Master’s course. During the progress of the specialization participants can decide between Digital Services or Autonomous Robotics. The first focuses on the innovation of Digital Services as a whole or on partial expansion of those. Here participants learn about different concepts of Digital Services like Design Thinking or the application of Artificial Intelligence. The second specialization, namely Autonomous Robotics, covers cyber-physical systems and their contribution to the modern concepts similar to Industry 4.0. In a combination of theory and practical work in a laboratory, they learn how to apply those concepts to the real world.


Overall, the Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering and Management provides the participants with unique insights into the world of digitalization and prepares them for employment in management and executive positions to meet the rising challenges of digital transformation of the business world. 


Article was published at Internet of Things: Digitale Transformation ist schon lange kein Buzzword mehr. The text was written in German.


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